Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS

As others have said. Great game. F2P will get you wherever you want to go. This is, I think, the only F2P I have ever played where I buy currency to support devs. I end up spending platinum on colors for the “fashion frame” meta game

Yeah this is good advice. For relic farming either do something you can do quickly like Exterminate, or one of the endless missions like Survival. Interception is doable solo (especially if you bring a spectre) but you need to know what you’re doing and you need a loadout that enables you to kill swarms of enemies quickly.

Also, keep in mind that you have to collect 10 essence in order to crack the relic. You can win the mission but still fail to crack the relic if you don’t do that.

That type of mission is hard to solo at first.

Eventually you’ll get temporary pets you can summon and have help hold a point. But better ranged weapons and mobility practice will get you there solo eventually. Later, even without a temp pet (specter etc) you can quickly grab a couple of points and will have a ranged weapon good enough to kill the mobs far away as you grab the last two. Then you’ll know the maps and have an idea where you can stand to use ranged to kill all the mobs as they get close to the points. And, you’ll know how to quickly parkour to a point and recapture then get back to the spawn kill spot.

I am playing this a bit now, and a couple adult family members play sometimes. If you want help or mission type walk throughs glad to pop in if I’m on. I’m not an end game player, but I have cleared the map, mostly solo too. My game name is TeletypeMachine. ;)

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Look into the Nova I think it was, has a build that can slow down stuff, or did, much easier to control 4 points when the whole map is slow as molasses.

I can’t think of any way for Nova to slow enemies (but I could be wrong), however her wormhole allows her to travel easily from one point to another, and she’s also one of the better nukers in the game which is great for Interception.

I believe Rhino’s 4 is probably the best slow in the game, however at low level you’re not going to be able to use it much.

@Jag one of your long term goals should be to increase your mastery rank as far as possible. The greater your rank, the better the mods you’ll be able to equip in your loadout. For weapons it’s obvious why this is a good thing, but for frames one of the key things you can do with mods is augment the characteristics known as strength, range and duration, all of which make your abilities much more powerful.

(Hope you don’t mind the unsolicited advice)

Not at all. I will take all the advice. I am working on Mastery ranks as that is holding me back from new weapons and stuff but it is really slow. I even found an old Humble Bundle E3 Warframe key from a few years ago that still worked and it gave me a week long affinity booster. So i’ve been playing the quest line non-stop with that but i still only just hit Mastery 3.

You use her Molecular Prime ability, modded for Power to slow down more and Ability Duration to reach further.

The specific build I used years ago is outdated, but the concept apparently still works.

Oh my god, all this time I never realised her 4 has a slow attached to it! I just use it for the nuking…one dose of 4 and you only have to sneeze on an enemy to start a chain reaction of exploding bad guys. I love it! Definitely one of the more satisfying nukes in the game. :D

@Jag what you need is to farm affinity. So, blue nodes on the map. Level those weapons and frames to 30 then immediately switch them out. This is why @KevinC advised you to spend plat on frame and weapon slots, you’ll be getting through a lot of them on the neverending quest for more affinity. You can also sell max-ranked gear if you like, of course, to free up slots. I’d personally never sell a frame (unless I acquire the Prime variant) but a lot of weapons are kind of disposable once they’ve served their purpose.

You only get Mastery progress the first time you rank up a weapon or warframe to 30, once they hit 30 they will stop providing Mastery progress. From there you’ll need to expand and start trying other weapons and frames which is where having access to those sweet Dojo blueprints really comes in handy. Those blueprints will require materials, which in turn provides you some direction and motivation to hit certain areas of the star chart!

There are (or were) builds for her that use negative Ability Strength which reverses the slow into a movement speed buff. It could be situationally really nice when you’re farming infested Defense missions (particularly in a group) since it makes the waves go by much faster!

Always run void relic missions in groups. At the end of the mission a reward is rolled for each player’s relic, and you can choose among those rewards. More player with relics means a better chance of getting a good reward.

Yeah this is good advice, and if you and someone else both happen to roll the thing you want, always pick the other guy’s. That’s because if someone chooses your relic, you get bonus stuff (name escapes me) and you can later use that stuff to “refine” your relics, increasing the chance of getting the rare parts it contains.

I always called it fissure sauce. I think the actual term is void traces or something though, haha.

The anniversary events have brought me back into the game for now. Was looking at my mods, and I noticed that I still had some of these:

Way back in Update 7 when they revamped the mod system, all of the old mods were changed into ancient fusion cores. When endo was introduced, I’m pretty sure I checked the value of dissolving my remaining ancient fusion cores, and they were worth almost nothing so I just kept them. They’re souvenirs from the early days. Honestly, I had forgotten about them until just now.

So I checked the value again on dissolving them again, and holy crap:

No idea why they’re worth so much now. I don’t need the endo at the moment, but damn! Guess I should ascertain the market prices first though.

Any old-timers who were playing back in closed beta, check your inventory.