Warhammer 40k Battlesector

From the people that brought you Battlestar Gakactica:

Moar wahhhrrr

edit: the youtube comments are not positive!

Deadlock is so good that I’ll keep a close eye on this one.

Yeah, this actually seems like it might be something I really dig into - I saw somewhere the release date was March 2021, which seems oddly soon and the Steam page just says “coming soon” - is this like an Early Access thing?

That’s what you get when you show off a game for the first time without any goddamned gameplay.

Love deadlock, but not crazy about them doing warhammer, already got more than enough of that going around and there are so many other settings they could have done.

Sigh. Very disappointed.

There’s plenty more that could be done within Warhammer, but nope, Blood Angels again.

I mean…we already have Sanctus Reach, Armageddon…the classic SSI games…but I’ll buy it regardless…

So much this.

But also totally get this. I have no particular interest or attachment to the setting. Have never played any Warhammer game except one or two of the board games. But the WEGO of Deadlock was so good, I’ll give anything by them a look.

Same here. What am I going to do, not buy a game with space battleships? That’s not how I was raised.

Edit: wait a minute, they are not doing a W40K space battle game that builds on their BattleStar success? Baffling. I retract the previous positivity.

Yeah we have what, two spaceship games and several ground-based games? I hope it’s great but I can’t help but be disappointed.

I skimmed through their twitch video.

It looks quite nice. My only concern is there look to be many units with lots of clicking and micro in the force of unit facings etc.

Units have models and each model has HP but it seems damage is done to the entire unit, so 4 would would suffer 5 damage each instead of one getting 20.

From the little I watched, individuals in a unit are not lost…

Could we have the space wolves in one of these please.

Each model definitely has its own HP stack and models get lost from units when they take enough individual damage.

These Venomthropes from the twitch stream for example: https://youtu.be/jqMwiYClZmc?t=1638

Yes, you are correct.

I think I got confused when I saw the smaller Tyranids fight the Assault Marines, where it looked like each model there was getting the same damage.

ahh, yeah, see what you mean.

My guess is that’s the max HP of that unit? Maybe they should show overkill so you can see how much bloody murder is being dealt out?

Also, why aren’t those Assault marines landing ontop of the enemy?

A demo is out on steam:

I should probably weigh in now with my usual “since it’s a Warhammer game, I’m sure it will be terrible”, just so I can look foolish when it turns out I actually like it.


People appreciate consistency, sir.

Played the demo; it’s pretty good. I mean, the tactical combat is not going to make a chess grandmaster sweat, but it has a nice array of abilities, gear, terrain, units, etc. A little glitchy in the 3D map, with hills and stuff occasionally obscuring things in weird ways, but mostly smooth and nicely executed. Seems to have a series of missions around a narrative of sorts, with upgrades and unit buying and all that.