Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr


Part of the reason it felt like it was chugging for me is that there was some jank in how the mouse controls work combined with the fact that the class I was playing seems to have some animation issues. The running animation doesn’t loop smoothly, there’s a jarring gap at the end where it 'pops" back to the start of the run animation, if that makes sense. The two of those things combined to make it feel like it was chugging along pretty poorly, when it wasn’t actual frames being dropped (just looked like!).

That being said, it still didn’t run great, and this is on a 1080. I’d honestly hold off to see what they have to show in May. Right now I think the game has potential, but if it shipped right now I wouldn’t really recommend it. It feels very light for a $50 game.


Awesome, exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you.

I mean, I will get it eventually. I Love Warhammer, and I loved Van Helsing, so it’s a win-win.


I have a pretty shitty computer and it now runs acceptably for me. Not great but I think if you have a reasonable system there is nothing to worry about anymore. Having said that I will be double dipping into the XB1 version both because of performance and arthritis :) Thankfully the game does gamepad pretty well either way.


At least one Gamespot editor really seems to like it


So here’s an interesting update:

Until the release, Martyr will not have any more live Steam updates.


The reason behind this is that the public (Steam) and the developer (internal) builds of the game have been starting to get separated quite long ago. This means that since we are working on a great number of things at the same time, numerous features will be (or already are) more or less ready at the same time, and we are assembling the pieces of the puzzle with such speed that makes preparing frequent public Steam releases impossible. By the time a Steam build would go through a beta testing-release phase, it would change by a great deal internally - and now we are unable to keep the separate bits of the game on separate coding branches, because that would disallow us to actually close up the game and polish/fine tune it.

I’m totally okay with this.


This stinks highly of the “Magic release build” that people convince themselves exists and will fix all the issues they’re experiencing a week before a MMO launches.

It’s Early Access, why would their be a lengthy beta testing phase? Furthermore, they have the capability of having an “Unstable” branch that users can opt into, various other Early Access do it all the time.

I’ve been fine waiting for release before making any kind of judgement on the game, but that update has set off my Bullshit Klaxon.


This is actually exactly what I’ve been thinking about early access all along. It WILL take extra resources to make standalone builds that incorporate parts of new content - that takes away development from the game itself, because they can’t release any kind of build to the public in the state that they would use it internally to test. That, and of course the fact that they have to make several branches since they can’t release the full game ahead of time, even in an alpha or beta state.

Its a company that has proven it can release a game that works many times over, so I have no reason to not believe them either, when they say things like this - its the perfect attitutde and frankly, its rather refreshing to see.


They’ve already shown the non-steam build and it has all the ‘magical’ stuff you’re talking about. I think you need to reset the sensitivity of your Klaxon before it falsely goes off next time ;)


That’s great to hear!


Plan for what is included in the release version of the game and beyond: https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/inquisitor-martyrs-release-and-post-release-content



I have to say it looks really good. Still I will wait for reviews.


I’ve put many hours (71 in total) into it in its unfinished state already and enjoyed it quite a bit. Will be double dipping on XB1 since my pc sucks though. I can recommend it to anyone who likes WH40k and Diabloish games.


How have you found the variety?


Aww man, only imperial characters? Where’s my Banshee Exarch flipping out all over the place, or my saturnine Incubus, or maybe a Fire Warrior in a battle suit…


Well now that sounds like just about all I could ask for!


not sure the exact question, I mean any ARPG is going to be repetitive. If you don’t enjoy that type of gameplay loop you probably will get bored. Diablo 3 is super repetitive, so is Grim Dawn or Titan Quest, but I love all three.

I find it no more repetitive than running rifts in Diablo for example. Also the story arch didn’t even exist when I was playing, so there should be more unique breadcrumbs if you require that.


Cool, thanks for the report!


I was just wondering about variety in objectives, layouts and stuff. It all sounds great so far.


there’s at least enough variety I didn’t get bored, but you definitely see a lot of the same general layouts overall. There are supposed to be more ‘tilesets’ and layouts in the full release than we’ve had access to so far on steam though so if might end up being a bit more varied.

don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely very repetitive but I find it no more repetitive than any other ARPG


Yeah, you sold me. While I’m trying to buy fewer games, this is pretty much a day one purchase. I just hope it runs on my older PC.