Warhammer Online: What say ye?

Ok, this is just about the only MMORPG on the horizon I have any interest in, mostly because I’m a Warhammer fanboi. However, even my rampant fanboi enthusiasm for travelling the Reikland and killing Beastmen and Chaos scum cannot drown out that cynical part of me that keeps saying that the pre-game hype is nothing but hype and I’ll end up disappointed. With the recent talk about WoW looking promising I wonder what you people with insight in the matter think of WO. Promising and innovative? Derivative clone?

Well, I look forward to seeing how it works out since it’s based on the Warhammer FRP pen and paper rules which I’ve always loved (woot for career system and sanity points). From what I’ve seen they’re doing a good job at making the game world look appropriately dark and gloomy.

Who knows if they can actually pull it off, but I think it looks a lot more interesting than any of the other MMORPGs coming out. The magic system alone should prove to be pretty unique, some of the negative side effects from drawing too much power and tapping too far into the realms of chaos should at least provide some amusement (IE: accidentally summoning a greater demon of khorne when attempting to unleash that uber powered up fireball spell).

The AI and spawning system all sound very nifty too. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck.

Promising and innovative? Derivative clone?

It’s definitely got some pretty innovative stuff planned IMO, it’s just a question of whether they can make it all work. Like you I will remain skeptical until I see it, but at least they’re not just trying another straight EQ clone.

I’m interested if only because it might be slightly different. I have no experience with the P&P product. Are they getting any closer to beta?

I like my grunge fantasy, and thats enough to seriously consider it.

Diverging for a moment but I can’t remember a real downer fantasy RPG (thinking something Myth like with lots of peasant slaughter.)

Take my word for it, the background world of Warhammer is one hell of a downer, either 40K or baseline. Gothic is their stock in trade.

Warhammer fantasy was a great RPG. As mentioned above, the career system was great and I like the simplicity of the skills/combat. But the theme is the main draw. The idea of chaos and undead swarming everywhere is incredible. I know it has been done to death since Warhammer, but no one has come close to doing it as well as Gamesworkshop. Chaos is actually chaotic, in brilliant ways. Tzeentch was my favorite of the Chaos gods. I still have a Lord of Change figure that was beautifully painted by a friend of mine.

I think I’ll read through Realms of Chaos today while I am watching the NFL. Thanks for the thought guys.

Can I work my way up to grand Inquisitor and capture newbies who exhibit psychic abilities and take them to the homeworld to feed the insatiable mind-hunger of the insane emperor?

It seems like the game’s biggest advantage would be that the whole world is a griefer…

Your (dark and dangerous) Power Pill

No, that’s 40K.

No, that’s 40K.[/quote]

But you might be able to become a Grand Witch Hunter, and set up trials for newbies who exhibit signs of mutation.

So it’s actually more like the P&P game than the current state of the miniatures game re. the background? If they can fix Naked Dwarf Syndrome, it might actually be excellent.

Warhammer is not really standard fantasy, it’s more a 1400 Europe with more overt fantasy elements, which is pretty unique, and lends itself well to low fantasy.

Warhammer Orcs literally grow like fungus, so they should lend themselves very well to MMORPG monster spawning.

Not exactly the brightest of GW’s ideas, that. :roll:

What? Gotta love the fungus orc and even better, the squigs!!

Please, a race of intelligent barbarian mushrooms? And if that wasn’t bad enough, in 40K they have a natural affinity for technology too. Sigh…this is a part of the game’s background that I prefer to ignore.

But it’s so Orcy/Orky! And the natural afinity for technology (and the whole race is explained (they’re remnants of a soldier race made by the Old Ones, remember?))

Plus it solves the problems of Orc/Ork children, females, etc, and what exactly happens to the women in an Empire/Imperial town. Remember, in the Grim Darkness of the Forty-First Millenium, There Is No Sex!

Fungus orcs?

Wow, I didn’t realise Warhammer was that cool.

Oh yeah:

Can anybody get away with making thread titles like that, or do you have to be a respected/established member of the forum community?

Fungus orcs?

Wow, I didn’t realise Warhammer was that cool.

Yeah, some people call Warhammer players geeks, but many of them are really fun-gis.

Can anybody get away with making thread titles like that, or do you have to be a respected/established member of the forum community?

Forsooth, sirrah, thine countenance be most rigolic in nature. A thumb! A thumb! We bite our thumbs at thee!

Now, now–the emperor is NOT insane. Everyone else may be, but not the emperor.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (now sadly out of print) is probably the fantasy RPG that best suits the Sadistic Bastard style of GMing. Which is fun.

Scroll down for two screenshots.


My interest level/confidence just dropped a few notches…

The skin of the PC races looks… really fucking weird. Like plastic.