We Didn't Start The Flamewar

Don’t think it was already posted, or at least search couldn’t find it.

Best internet meta-humor video ever? Maybe so.


For the record that is the best picture ever.

I’m glad you never see any of that stuff around here.

Funny video.

That was good.

Yeah, cute.

Haha. Very well done.

Man, there are actually a lot of funny videos on that site. Mostly the parody ones, not so much the sketch comedy.

Sum up the intarweb in 3 minutes. Go.


um, NSFW?

Don’t click on it then!

haha, you ninja you.

College Humor has always had some really funny stuff.


i suck

I didn’t have high expectations, because college humor is usually pretty bad, but this was actually really good.

I’m a sucker for their Jake & Amir videos. Not especially intelligent, but they have great chemistry. Also thought the new-ish batman and superman animated shorts were hilarious.

Son of a bitch.

Clearly none of you are sufficiently bad dudes, ergo I did nothing wrong!

Agreed, There are some Great videos. My favorite is a nature documentary about Frats, narrated by (not) Morgan Freeman.

March of Shame - If Mother Nature knew, She’d be so disappointed