Weekend gaming 03/09/2012

Haven’t done this in a few weeks as I’ve been recovering some a horrendous oral surgery incident. But the healing is progressing nicely now so I’m ready to get my game on again!

This weekend I’ll be trying to save Earth in Mass Effect 3, saving the universe in SW: TOR, and maybe saving a frozen wasteland in Skyrim.

That’s a lot of heroic saving. I’m pooped just thinking about it!


I’ll likely be playing more Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning if I have time, but also some Distant Worlds - Legends as well.

In SW: TOR, my trooper just picked up a new companion who insists on calling me Leftenant, which I love.

While I’ve had Mass Effect for years now, I’m finally getting around to playing it after working out a sound bug where dialog wasn’t playing properly.

I’ll also probably be playing a bit of WoW as my girlfriend wants to hit 85 on one of her characters.

I have so much time now that football season is over!

While I suspect the motherboard on my PC is slowly trying to die, I’ll probably try to fit in some Wargame: European Escalation between random hard locks (the next one will cause me to instantly order a handful of new PC components I’ve pre-selected). I might also crack open either Mario Kart 7 or Tales of the Abyss 3D, the latter of which should be waiting for me when I get home today. We’ll have to see.

Wow - ME3, TOR and Skyrim in one weekend. I am impressed. I am setting Skyrim aside while I focus completely on ME3, personally, but I admire your ambition.

I’d been planning on getting down to Mass Effect 3, but the alleged face import bug might stop me.

Glad that you’re feeling better divorced!

I hope to be able to put some hours into Mass Effect 2 which I started last week.

Then I got Football Manager 2012 which is a genre I haven’t dealt with in quite a long time. Hope I have “clear head” to tackle that beast now for a bit.
Maybe I will go for a relaxing Hidden Objects game instead if I can grab my gf’s laptop.

Polishing off a few extra quests in Mass Effect 2 to get my save file up to snuff, then importing into ME3. I’ll then proceed to spend the weekend explaining to my fiancee why I should play my new videogame instead of hanging out with her (despite the fact that she’s been gone on a distant island all week); feel incredibly guilty for giving EA a single-fucking-dime of my hard-earned money to reward them for all the stupid things they’ve done with the ME3 launch; and maybe, if I ever find the time, playing ME3.

On the PC, I’ll be making my way through the darkness with Alan Wake, which has been a lot fun, more than I had expected for this port. Tight controls, a good mix of gunplay and exploration and a spooky atmosphere set in my wonderfully wooded home state. (Yeah, Washington)

On the consoles, Tiger Woods 12, online with a buddy. Best golf game ever.

In the real world, an evening of cribbage on the couch with my girlfriend.

I love weekends!

Picked up Child of Eden for 12 bucks at Target. Definitely going to get in another playthrough of Journey. Might start fiddling with Street Fighter x Tekken.

Conquest of Elysium 3…and that’s about it unless my wife sends me a WoW scroll…

Doesn’t The Journey come out next week?

Maybe he means this:

If you have PSN+, you can buy it now.

I have ME3, BF3, and MLB The Show 12 lined up.

I will be able to play none of them, since I am spending the next week suffering in the sun of Arizona, drinking margaritas, and watching baseball.

God damn it.

I recently installed Windows 7 on my gaming PC, so I plan to check out Just Cause 2 this weekend. Also, Issue 22 was released this week for City of Heroes, so I might spend some time going through the new content.

I will play / have played some Shogun 2. I just hit the realm divide in my Ikko Ikki campaign, so things should get even more interesting. Even the friendly faction declared war immediately, so now I have no money at all.

World of Warcraft is also on the agenda. I resubbed recently after 11 months off. I’ve been having fun with some lower level characters, but I think I’m still done with raiding.

I’ve sunk 7 hours into part 3 of the ANNO 2070 crisis event, and its probably going to take all weekend.

Damn fun time sink.

I’m feeling the hankering to go back to my Witcher 1 savegame, of all things.

Goodbye weekend.