Weekend gaming - 11/12/2010

So what will people be playing this weekend? I’ll be trying to finish up Fable 3, maybe some NBA2K11, WoW and even some Supreme Commander 2 that I got on sale on Steam.

Most of my gaming time will probably be spent with Fallout: New Vegas, with a side of WoW.

On PC of course… Black Ops and Just Cause 2

I’m going to sneak in some more NWN official campaign… yeah :)

I will be playing some LotRO on the European servers and get acquainted with my new brosefs in the QT3 Guild. I will also be playing some Jessyball Manager 2011 and be hoping that my crappy strikers actually score some goals. Finally, once I finish reading the rulebook I will be playing some Blood Bowl with the legendary edition I’ve just finished downloading.

Alan Wake (with the girlfriend watching) and Costume Quest on the 360. League of Legends on the PC.

Going to try squeezing in some Assassin’s Creed 2 which I picked up today and hopefully find the time to continue playing Darksiders which I’m really enjoying.

Ambitious considering the time I’ll have, but I’ll give it a shot.

Some Just Cause 2, Borderlands, Pinball FX2, and hopefully a little bit of WoW. Don’t know how I’ll fit it all in, but we’ll see.

I got Force Unleashed 2 and Fist of the North Star this week, so more of those. Jerks keep besting my Pinball FX 2 scores and I’ll have to provide comeuppance. Minecraft. And after all this talking about Noby Noby Boy, I’ll revisit that for a while.

Let’s see, Starcraft 2 and Crysis on PC (new monitor makes them look real purty!).

Probably some Angry Birds, The Quest or Clad-Un on the handheld devices.

Red Dead Redemption on 360.

How will I ever get all that done? Answer, something will have to give.

I am playing Cardboard Box Loading Tycoon, Financial Juggling Extreme, and if I beat those I’m going to relax with some Sleeping Sim.

But in between planning for my move, I’m going to play some Tales of Vesperia and Dominions 3.

I will prove to be a disgrace if I have not prestiged in Black Ops by the end of the weekend.

For me, a mix of Civ5, Puzzle Quest 2, and perhaps more Arcanum.

Cardboard Box Loading Tycoon

I would play that if it was really a game :p

Goddamn, talk about a bad gaming weekend…it’s like self flagellation.

Dwarf Fortress. I just recently got into it and now that I’m in, I don’t see a way out.

Black ops multi and starting to really get into Fallout NV(4 hours in). Nothing on Sunday - real work to do :(

Bioshock 2 for the first time. Got to clear out the backlog before the next Steam sale.

That and Minecraft.

I have a finished my 64x64 pyramid but it is awfully dark inside there. So naturally I feel like the logical step is to put a make it a 64 x 64 octahedron. It is the only sane thing to do. So I’ve got that to look forward to.

Also making progress on my Nether world base camp. Stupid ghasts always get me just as I start with the lightstone harvesting. Still haven’t been able to bring any back yet.

Few rounds of Black Ops multiplayer and “finishing” up Fist of the North Star.

Computer/video games-WoW and maybe some Fable 3 if my son will let me play on my Xbox 360.

Board games: Troyes, Key Market, Merkator, Lords of Vegas, and Alien Frontier.