Went to a bachelor party last night

Just woke up. It is 3 PM here. I feel like crap from head to toe. And I didn’t even get drunk last night.

Mission Fucking Accomplished.

(For more context, my friends go in for non-traditional bachelor parties. This time, we ate enormous rare steaks, then went to a LAN center we rented overnight and played FPSes while chugging energy drinks all night long. It was just about the perfect bachelor experience.)

Aren’t you supposed to have sex with other women at your bachelor party?

I liked the other bachelor party thread with the dildo helmet.

Eh, one of my friends had a bachelor party like that. We played games, drank, and watched Super Ninjas, perhaps the worst/funniest Kung Fu film ever made. At the time, he was a fundamentalist, so wilder entertainment was definitely off the menu. Still, good times.

They probably played 3Feel.

Well, since no one in my circle of friends really goes for strip clubs or anything like that, it seemed kind of stupid to do something like that for the first/last time. As far as I’m concerned, the whole point of the bachelor party is one last go-round with the stupid shit you’re not going to have time/permission for after you get married. Last time we had one of these, we cooked a giant pot of chili, drank enormous quantities of beer, and watched shitty movies until dawn. There was also one (that sadly didn’t come together due to the schedules/travel distances of the wedding party) where we were going to play tabletop RPGs all night.

Based on what you ate and drank that night, I doubt the movies were what stunk the place up.

Yes, and as far as I’m concerned bachelor parties should involve the 3 B’s. Booze, boobs, and… uh, more boobs. Note that I am not endorsing or condoning the “sex with other women” part.

Why won’t you be able to watch bad movies and play video games after you are married? I still do both as often as I wish (married ten years as of June 3rd…yeah, a few days ago). I can even have giant bowls of chili that fill me full of joyous expulsions!

Not to pimp my old posts or whatever, but here’s my take on the usefulness of a traditional debauched bachelor party.

Went to a bachelor party last Saturday night
I didn’t get laid, I got in a fight
Uh, huh
It ain’t no big thing

Ended up partying with a bachalorette party on friday night…now that was a damn good time.

Bachelor parties with strippers and such are total idiotic. Who invented that tradition? Do what the groom likes. For most of us that’s playing videogames and drinking with friends.

When I was in college, I got invited to a co-worker’s bachelor party. I was the only woman there. No, I wasn’t the entertainment.

It was… interesting. Sometimes being one of the guys yields valuable insights.

Maybe it got invented because most grooms like strippers?

For my bachelor party, 8 of us drank 2 fifths of Jamesons while playing poker. Then we went to one of my favorite restaurants, where we had a ton of good food and some great wine, after which we adjourned to a fancy strip club. This club treated us like the bunch of drunk assholes that we were, so we left shortly and went to a divey strip club. You know, the kind in a trailer. Wherein we proceeded to consumer more alcohol than most of us had ever had in our lives and some very nice strippers took my shirt off and wrote on me. Had I had my way, we would have driven go-karts all night. Luckily for me, my friends took charge of the evening. We all had a blast and will likely repeat the process when the next person in our group gets married.
And now basically what Bill D. already said. A bachelor party is about hanging out with your friends and bonding, whether that be over energy drinks and video games, laser tag, or booze and strippers. However, I now fall on the side of not doing what the groom wants. Unless, of course, what the groom wants is booze and strippers.

That is not a bachelor party, it’s a LAN party. There is a slight difference.

My favorote bachelor party actually involved no strippers at all. We all got together at a camp in the poconos, with a good amount of beer and about a grand worth of fireworks. Let me tell you that was a lot of fun.

Camping, fireworks and booze. Now that does sound like good clean fun.