What are your other hobbies?


You lying bastard. Since when does writing the manuals mean "circuit design"? Quit taking credit for my part of the job.

My hobby is bugging the hell out of Roger Wong, and also taping the bottom of his computer mouse. You would be surprised how it gets you the chicks.


When I'm not viral marketing for the Coca Cola Corporation (Coca Cola Zero, apply directly to your mouth! Coca Cola Zero, apply directly to your mouth! Coca Cola Zero, apply directly to your mouth!) I like mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, watching movies, reading, etc.


I sing, though mostly in choirs at this point. If you live near Baltimore and can pick out tenors, you can swing by and sort of hear me.


My hobbies include, but are not limited to:

  • Mountain biking. Just got back into this after about 5 years of no bike (it was stolen out of the garage the day after I moved into this house).

  • Skiing. I haven't done this for about 6 years or so and wouldn't even know where my skiis are if I wanted to get back into it.

  • Playing guitar. I did this for several years before giving up on it as I sucked horribly and never got any better. I still bring it out of the basement once in a while and attempt to play it. the most recent attempt was after getting Guitar Hero.

  • Reading. Kinda a hobby, I guess. I don't really read all that much, and I'm an incredibly slow reader. I generally read maybe a dozen books a year. Although, I have made an effort to try reading more in the past few months.

  • PnP-RPGing. I just started this up again after a several year hiatus. Lots of fun playing d20 games (mostly Conan at this point), and a homebrew system that a friend of mine has been tinkering with for several years.

  • Boardgaming. Tied in with the rpging. Started getting more into games like Carrcassone, Puerto Rice, and stuff like that.

  • Martial Arts. I've been training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu off and on for the past five years. It can be fun assuming you find the right instructor.

Most of the time, I think about doing all this stuff rather than actually doing it.


Bujinkan? I've heard of lots of mixed opinions of it on the bullshido forums, but i'm guessing you didn't run into any problems?

Lets see my hobbies sans compies and consoles:

Martial Arts: I started with northern shaolin kung fu and hsing yi, but once i swapped to muay thai, i never looked back. I'm in the process of looking for a new school though now that i moved to irvine/costa mesa. BTW I am no good, but i enjoy it, even when i'm getting destroyed.

Weight lifting: Not that i'm ahnold or anything, just hate getting destroyed in the clinch against guys 20lbs lighter then me.

Road trips: I seem to end up having to go to san diego every other weekend. Comic-Con, Qt3 gathering, and various other reasons. I also just came back from a trip to Santa Barbara and Lancaster. My car hasn't been washed since my last trip to Vegas or SF either, so it looks hawt.

TV / Movies / Anime: Just finished Lost season 1, almost went and saw Zoom until i saw the reviews, and i just borrowed Scryed .

Bars n Clubs: Mostly bars these days, though with Bill D's new instructional video (Only 3 easy payments of 19.95!), i may have to go to a club again.

PnP, Boardgames and Cardgames: My bro just moved down to soCal, and he's got me back into this stuff, Puerto Rico, Magic ( though i can at least say i haven't paid for any cards) and he is talking about running a zombie apocalypse PnP rpg.


I like longboarding on the streets of Brooklyn, movie watching, woodland paintballing, watercooling & case-modding, finding new coasters to ride, and needlessly arguing with strangers on the internets.


Try to play guitar
Garden - mostly I just take care of my vegetable garden, but I water our rockery
Play gitoni/foosball
Build speakers with my dad


Bujinkan? I've heard of lots of mixed opinions of it on the bullshido forums, but i'm guessing you didn't run into any problems?

Like I said, it can be fun with the right instructor. Yeah, there are problems, but they should be easy to spot by any halfway intelligent person. And since it is highly encouraged that bujinkan students train with as many instructors as possible, problems with one or the other become all the more apparent.

edit: oh yeah, I guess I should've mentioned that my current instructor is a friend I've known for about 15 years.


I've studied at both Bujinkan and Genbukan schools. While both were enjoyable experiences, I'd say that Stephen K. Hayes is better at writing ninja fiction, than actually training ninjas. Of course I haven't trained directly under him, but the black belts that did, weren't all that impressive.


Stephen Hayes has nothing to do with Bujinkan, and hasn't for several years. The biggest thing to look for in a bujinkan instructor is how often they train with Soke (Dr. Masaki Hatsumi).


Addendum: I also enjoy picking the dust out of my HEPA filter after vacuuming.


Play guitar, fool around with fun but commercially unsuccessful programming languages, read...


My dad makes about 300 gallons of biodiesel a month. He loves the stuff.


Enjoy playing poker, traveling and politics.

And patiently posting until I break the 1,000 barrier.

So very close.


It's really not all it's cracked up to be, Jake.

As for hobbies, I dabble in a little cooking, and I'm checking out woodworking. I consume a lot of media of various types, but not in any organized, consistent way. I fool around with the wife whenever I can manage it. Uh, and I take naps. I think that's about it.


Seriously, once I hit 1,000 I'm taking a break from Qt3.

I forget who said this... he's posted this a couple o' times... but this place is like a MMORPG. For some time, I've been thinking... all I want to do is get to 1,000 and then I'm "done" for awhile (which is good as work for me is about to enter a significant crunch period).

This has been a driving thought for some time...

And then someone recently posted a simple message that made me groan:

"My 5,000th post"


I'll tell you, Jake: it's a long haul to 1,000 and then suddenly...yeah, 6,000.


How did I miss this thread originally?

  • Gaming (duh)
  • Programming (double duh)
  • Parenting (triple duh)
  • Reading (quadruple...)
  • Hiking, occasionally (more often once all the kids can actually walk)
  • Biking (daughter loves the bike trailer)
  • Cooking (Cooks Illustrated FTW)
  • Singing (a cappella, I do a mean baritone, and I crave a good blended harmony)
  • Guitar playing (I can play the basic chords, which is kind of enough for folk songs with the tots)
  • Head-bashing evil trees

That's about it actually. Testosterone factor: low.


Can I ask why you are resurrecting an insanely old thread?

Just wondering.

Also: Love the last one. That should actually jack up your testosterone factor to "CHUCK NORRIS"


Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute.