What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The candy-scented fuel is a nice touch.


We received a gift boxed in this one:


Orgy update!

The hotel decided they’d better pull out.


Its a good thing they pulled out. The situation is pregnant with possibilities.


Oh, come now.


I saw that in a movie once.







So are the idiots firing that at such high velocity going to tone it down?


Are we still talking about the orgy?


At this point they may stop doing it. It’s a foreseeable risk now.

They do something similar at Blues hockey games here in St. Louis, but they fire rolled up t-shirts. It’s a bit safer.


The Reds have a T-shirt Gatling gun that reaches well into the upper deck.


Oh yeah?


So, you have a ton of grass to clear out. Who you gonna call?


Great! As long as they don’t, ya know, get loose and eat up a residential neighborhood’s lawns.


Let them go at it. Lawns are bad for the environment anyway.


Goats are awesome little weed and lawn chompers, but that’s a lot and weird mesh of them too, reply picture not below. That front one looks like someone maybe had their heart tugged when they applied the iron to their horn nubs and sort of just stopped midway, some in the back look like they’re done right and others not at all… don’t all look like the same breed either.

And oh my goodness, one of them looks like they might be sick or really underweight. Look at the ribs and caved in sides.


Can’t you just see a fleet of these descending on a pre-school class at naptime?


That’s basically how The Hunger Games ended, right?


Weren’t goats… what?

I read that website wrong and was waiting for the rest of the question LOL.