What does this look like to you?

Like I said, I didn’t know it was a …

you know what? Forget it. Enjoy the thread.

There has never been a more appropriate time to post goatse in a thread.

“Hey, can anyone tell me what this is?”

How many times do you have to exit threads like this before you learn anything?

You look as if you’ve never seen a beaver before, son.

When we said wait a while before starting any more threads, we meant more than 3 weeks. Good job posting possibly intimate (definitely private) photos of a friend on the internet under what I assume is your real name, though.

I missed the intimate photos. I shall pretend they were nasty sickly intimates.

I’m guessing he’s not actually a dude that fought spaniards in the 1600’s or whenever it was.

Ah well that’s not so bad then. FWIW it just sounded like a foreign name to me, I have no interest in world history.


None of you quoted the pictures? NONE OF YOU?

QT3, I am disappoint.

Sorry, all I did was save them for my own personal use.

Rajah, is someone holding one of your puppets hostage and forcing you to repeatedly use the [img] tag in the most embarrassing way possible, like at the start of Die Hard with a Vengeance (and Jeremy Irons)? Why do you do this to yourself?

You’re confusing thread types. It’s not a “Hey, look at me”-thread but a “Hai, nerrrds. I know real girls… look at her womanparts”

What about these guys?

Though rajah’s linked to his website before which reveals his actual, real, way less interesting name.

X’Zavier Bloodsaw?

Orion Blizzard?

At least he deleted the post in which he said he’s totally had sex with this woman. Must’ve realized it didn’t fit with the “this isn’t a look at me thread” claim.

This thread has been thoroughly entertaining. :)