What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2022?

What’s on everyone’s list for next year? :)

Dying Light 2
Gotham Knights
Homeworld 3
Mars First Logistics
Company of Heroes 3
Dead Space
Elden Ring
In the Valley of Gods

This year’s barely started, so it’s hard to say. Let’s start with the 60% of titles currently slated for 2021 that slip for now! :)

Shameless plug:


Honestly the biggest game I am looking forward to is the ability to return to in person X-wing.

I wants it so bad.

I would also say I am looking forward to hearing more about Metroid Prime 4, even if I am highly confident that is at least another year out.

My trifecta: Starfield (I don’t buy the rumors that say it’s releasing this year), Beyond Good and Evil 2, Mass Effect 4 (or whatever they’re calling it). No, I don’t really expect ME next year, but a dude can dream.

this made me check my calendar.
Damn you, KOSC!

Did I miss an announcement? What is this?

Clearly you didn’t listen to my podcast episode with Tom!

The X-wing miniatures game. It’s been out several years and is, hands down, my favorite game.

I went to Friday night X-wing at the FLGS until the pandemic, and now it has been over a year and I am jonesing bad. Especially since that was my primary social outlet outside of work. Its how I made a lot of my friends when I moved out here.

Ah, I see, in-person versus a digital video game. That wording makes sense now. I’ve never played a game like that, so all of that stuff is so far over my head, I don’t even know what I don’t know.


Maybe Homeworld 3 will get released next year, but I’m chill if it needs a bit longer. Generally I don’t care much about this sort of thing. Que sera sera.

Nothing, I have zero interest in anything not due pretty soon, life is way too short to be worried about stuff 18 months down the line, more than enough excitement now.

Jane’s F-35
Sierra Pro Pilot 2022
Aces Over Korea
Black Sheep Squadron: The Videogame
Jane’s WW2 Fighters II
1942: Pacific Air War II
Red Baron VR
DCS: Falcon 5.0
Air Warrior 2022

Dammit. I’m in that alternate universe where flight sims mostly died, aren’t I?

Umm, hopefully a new Mass Effect?

I like where this is going.

Wing Commander VI
Privateer 3
Freespace Reborn
The Darkening 2: Clive’s Revenge
Xwing Alliance 2
Mechwarrior 3-2
Prince of Persia: New Realm
Grand Theft Auto: Goa
Saints Row V
Sky Odyssey 2
SSX Remake
Elden Ring
Bloodborne 2

Unless they announce a release for this year at the Age of Empires event next month, I will be looking forward to trying Age of Empires 4.

System Shock
Terra Invicta
ME Legendary Edition

Not really a lot but I have plenty to play in my backlog that I am slowly working through.

That one is actually 2021.

I think this was the most famous game right now confirmed to be delayed to 2022 already. And I think recently they confirmed another delayed to 2022 that I am looking forward to:
Gran Turismo 7

Looks like I’ll be playing the “Let’s buy an affordable 3000 series RTX video card” game next year.

I hope I win!

I should add Distant Worlds 2, though I hope it will make it out this year.

Oh, lordkosc…