What induces nerd rage in you?


You’re almost certainly thinking of Lotus Word Pro.


Oh, you guys are right! Resume your rage!


Why would I ever have to reset my password [I]three fucking times[/I] before the website finally recognizes it? I’m looking at [I]you[/I], GOG! I decided that I would like the free copy of System Shock 2 they were giving away. It had been a while since I actually went online with GOG Galaxy, but they required that you log in with it to get the freebie. Of course I didn’t remember the damned password.

So, input email request change. Change goes through. Receive email saying that my password has been changed. Start GOGG. Input password. Wrong password, according to them.

Go through this [I]two more times[/I].

Finally works. How does this happen?


Ghosts in the Machine?

It does sound weird though. I think GOG got hacked a little while back (i could be completely wrong on this!), i seem to remember having to change my password a few months back just to be safe (they were recommending people do it) etc. So maybe that loop is still active if you had not already done it perhaps? That is assuming it is GOG this happened to?!


My guess would be that GOG has two redundant, load-balanced authentication servers. Your changes were being properly written to one of them but not synchronized with the other, and by luck or misadventure your login requests were going to the instance with the old data even though you should have had a 50/50 chance to hit the “good” one. Eventually your request went to the “good” server or else their database synchronization routine finally ran and updated the second one.

Either that or they cache the authentication data in memory and only refresh the cache every X minutes.


That there has never been an e-sports team named “The Opposing Thumbs”.

(okay not rage, I just couldn’t think of a better thread for that observation)


Different sites having different rules for Password creation. You forgetting what your password was because you had to follow the stupid rules. Them not reminding you what their stupid rules are. Fucking get on the same page already! (I’m looking at you, too, Quarter to Three!)

Let’s agree that the standard could be / should be 8 characters minimum. Don’t much care about maximum; won’t apply to me.

Upper-case, lower-case, numerals and symbols should ALL, ALWAYS be in play. Sites that don’t let you use all the symbols (or none at all) can fuck right off.

That there needs to be some variation; have to use characters from different categories; understood. But be explicit and, when I try my password and it fails, remind me then what your site requires… must use 3 of the 4 categories… cannot have 3 consecutive same characters… cannot use a significant part of your username in the password. All OK. Just remind me when I’m flailing at what your specific requirements are. I probably did some variation on my usual password and I’ll be reminded why I modified it when I know what your requirements are.

And for all you “password keeper” wonks out there… you can fuck right off, too. :-)


The worst is when a site requires your password to be a certain length. Not a MINIMUM length, but a certain length exactly.


Or even just a maximum length. Look website-owner-bro, I’m sure your fancy 10-character-max hashing-salting algorithm is totally saving you like $0.40 in CPU cycles/power per year or whatever, but some of us would like to enact MAXIMUM SECURITY on our shit!


Yeah, I really hate having to make complicated passwords for sites that really don’t deserve it. If someone hacks my Qt3 account, whats the worst that will happen? They post bad things and I get banned? It’s not like they’ll get credit card or banking information. Really, Qt3 isn’t that bad, though the new requirements are stricter than the old requirements.

Same with some of the bill paying sites, I wish they’d move towards a system where they only ask you for a password if you’re doing something besides paying a bill*. If someone wants to pretend to be me, and then pay my electric bill, go right ahead.

*I should note that I don’t like to store credit card info on websites, so I always enter it every time.


The only thing I can think here is that it’s best practice to seal away cc payment pages behind a password barrier or something. An open cc payment page is just begging scammers to try to find a way to automate running cards through it, so they can test stolen card numbers to determine which ones still work.

But mostly, I suspect companies are just lazy :)


Given the state of cloud based GPU password hashing, an 8 character password is basically no password these days. Literal truth.



Hmm, but couldn’t they do that from any retail space, create a fake account at amazon, target or walmart. I think some of those big box stores don’t even require accounts to make online purchases.


Like I said, if it has access to a bank or a credit card, then yes, it should have a good password. If it’s a random web forum which holds no information… then it’s only a minor inconvenience if someone hacks it. Oh noes, someone is going to post in my name, and I’ll have to spend a day or two clearing it up with the moderator.

(Granted, if you’re the moderator, you should probably have a 32 digit password or something)


Touch typing, there has to be a better way. QWERTY was invented more than a 100 years ago and it was certainly not intended for tiny glass screens.


There is a better way. Maybe try Swype or something similar?


I’m using Swype, it’s better but still touch typing. We need to think this from the ground up, they only reason we’re using a qwerty layout is it’s what people are familiar with, not because it’s a good way for input on mobile devices.


American toilets are this way as well. While it works, it’s not optimal. There are new designs in the world, some much better. But we still use them. Inertia.


Which designs are better and why? Other than this one, of course.