What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


FWIW, I am generally not a fan of platformers at all, and was never able to get into Spelunky despite repeated efforts.


Thanks to Tom’s list of games nobody is playing, I discovered Bedlam. Boy, howdy is it a great game.


Nice game! Similar to the Swordless Knight on Google Play


I decided to check out this Armored Commander roguelike that Tim Stone has pushed in The Flare Path a couple of times. It’s a slick-looking WWII tank combat game.

It’s actually a lot more boardgamey than I expected. Many things are abstracted, such as infantry support that randomly destroys your enemies. Dice rolls are front center. For some reason I thought you’d be driving a little tank @ symbol around and pew-pewing like the Doom Roguelike. Heh. Instead there’s a neat boardgame-style map mode. Each area you move to has a chance to trigger a random encounter that takes place on a map like this:

You can turn the turret toward different sectors and fire various shots at the enemies. When you’re done (or your crew fails to make the dice rolls to sustain fire) you end that phase and resolve the damage you’ve done.

Oh, doing a little more Googling, it looks like this is based on the boardgame “Patton’s Best.” That makes more sense. Anyway, just wondering if anyone is hooked on this. Otherwise I might hold off a little longer to give it more development time.


That looks very cool - thanks for the link.



Open the gate to the egyptian underworld! Hieroglyphika is a roguelike game completely without text but with pictograms.



Numbers are not text, eh? ;)


Would anyone recommend One Way Heroics Plus, the DLC addon for One Way Heroics?



Yes, OMG yes. It’s so good. SO, SO good. There’s so much silly depth to it that it’s just an INSANE value.

On a downer note, I tried Flamebreak and got it refunded. Really didn’t click with me, just the opposite in fact.


Thanks! I thought you were a champion of OWH. Will add that to my next Lunar sale purchase. Sorry to hear about Flamebreak. it looks intriguing but I am having a hard time determining if it would work for me.



Since this thread bubbled to the top, ADOM. Been playing a bunch of that lately. It’s actually been competing with Xcom 2 play, but that might be because I’ve got my best character yet running in it. Level 13 or 14 now orc barbarian. Gained literacy from Dwarftown so I can finally read ID scrolls, getting in good graces with my god so I can make holy water, successfully completed the pyramid and arena. I know a stupid death is looming on the horizon (Especially since I’m a melee character and that golden gladius is already starting to seem slow) but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Overall there are a fair number of things about ADOM I like less than other roguelikes, but something about it has been pulling me back. I think it’s because similar to Caves of Qud there’s a good rate of advancement, especially early on. You go from “Level 1 newbie” to a fairly tolerable pile of stats and equipment you’ve grown attached to in a short amount of time which keeps you invested in the character. Even though DoomRL has way better combat than ADOM or Qud for example, I feel less attached to my characters because progression is a bit more linear.

Cool game. No idea why I never tried ADOM until it showed up on Steam.

Also had been playing (Until the Xcom 2 and ADOM apocalypse) some Infra Arcana. Lovecraft/Blood roguelike. Has slow character advancement and your character isn’t a powerhouse, but it has some neat mechanics. Most notably instead of a hunger mechanic to keep you moving, it has sanity. You can soak up a certain amount of tension on each level as “Free”, but once it hits 100% you crack and start taking permanent sanity damage. Then when you advance to the next floor the tension is reset to 0. And as you would expect, some monsters are horrific and mess with that system, and casting spells/reading scrolls/drinking potions basically all increase tension/insanity. Biggest complaint I had (Apart from the slow progression, which to be fair is keeping with the setting. It’s not very tense or horrific if you can just shotgun through everything) was you couldn’t unload ammo from weapons or magazines. So if you find a drum of tommy gun bullets you can’t put them in to your pistol magazines to conserve ammo, they’re locked in as tommy gun only. Also some bad luck moments where you open a door and there’s a cultist on the other side that one shots you instantly with a shotgun, but such is life.


Squee just wanted to thank you for mentioning Infra Arcana. I was not aware of it before your post and it looks like it has those gorgeous Oryx Design titles. Can’t wait to install it and explore the world.



On the strength of this post alone, I just picked up OWH and it’s “Plus” DLC. I assume I should dive in with the DLC installed and such? Any tips I should know before giving it a go?


Just dive in man, the water is great.


Just got my 11th hour purchase in of the OWH Plus DLC minutes before the sale ended on the strength of Brian’s recommendation!



Yessssssss. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, and last longer than I do because that game loves to kill me. A LOT. And then tell me what I did wrong.

Seriously, when you lose it judges your performance. It’s kind of hilarious.


Unreal World now has a Steam Page and is set to release in 3 days (Feb. 26). No price listed at this point.



$10.99 US, with a release week discount. It will still be available for free from their website, with the newest version being released on the 29th.

If you’ve ever purchased a “Lifetime” key in the past 24 years, fill out this form and they’ll eventually e-mail you a Steam key.


Eventually = pretty much immediately, in my very recent experience. Yay!


Dwarf Fortress (sorry) and FTL are pretty fun.

Terraria… does Terraria count as a roguelike?