What should Syfy do next?

It looks like Syfy has begun a rebranding move and is starting to put out some decent original programming for a change. Their recent new series, The Expanse and The Magicians have both done well and they have some interesting new stuff in the pipeline as well. Shows based on Pohl’s Gateway, 3001: The Final Odyessy based on Clarkes works and Hyperion, based on Simmons books are already in the works.
So my question to you is what would you like to see next out of Syfy? Im not looking for a massive list, just a few choices, because I myself could probably list a couple hundred or so and that wouldnt leave many choice for you.

Theres a ton of things I would like to see but I decided to focus on one writer. Roger Zelazny was one of my favorite writers when I first got into sci-fi so my choices would be a nice mini series based on his awesome Lord of Light and a multi-season run of his Amber series.

Sharknado vs. Trumpzilla

Neal Stephenson. Start with Snow Crash.

More Wrestling.

Pohl’s Heechee Saga would work well in a short season format.

Being completely serious, can we please get The Dig as a miniseries?

Ideally the Alan Dean Foster-ized edition, at that (still being serious!).

They need to bring back The Invisible Man is what. I loved that show. LOVED GOD DAMMIT.

More original programming is always good. I loved shit like Eureka and the like.

A videogaming blog.

Crazy talk, man. What kinda disreputable hack would write for such a thing?! :)

I give this post 8/10 space-points.

I know they already did a movie, but I’d like to see an Ender series. Full on one-season one-shots. Ender’s Game for season 1, Speaker For The Dead for season 2, and so on. Heck, the first 2 - 3 episodes of Season 1 could be the prequel stuff that is lightly covered in book one (the encounter with the alien expedition, defense of Earth, how the world governments react/unite, the overpopulation of the planet leading to the 2-child laws, etc.) The books cover so much that a 2 hour movie isn’t the right format. Each book needs a full-on 13 episode mini-series treatment.

To keep the Orson Scott Card trip going (yes, I know he’s an ass, but he has good books), The Worthing Saga would make a good SyFy series. So many directions you could take that.

It was visually stunning, after all

I like the idea of a proper treatment for the Ender series.

Pretty sure Syfy wouldn’t listen to Reason.

Snowcrash is already a movie, in my head. One of the most cinematic books I’ve ever read.

Ringworld! Action, aliens, wonder, mystery, surprising twists…

Change their name back to Sci-Fi.

I’d love to see someone have a go at Tim Powers’ ‘Fault Lines’ trilogy (Last Call, Expiration Date, Earthquake Weather), and with them taking on The Magicians lately, I think they might do pretty well at it.

This was actually the first thought that I had upon seeing the title

Bring back the Dresden Files! Also, I’m in favor of just showing giant animated space battles.

So TV SFX has gotten to the point we could finally do a good live action Gundam adaptation, right? The typical mix of military tactics, political intrigue, and interpersonal drama could translate well if done by people with a strong respect for the source and an appreciation for the differences between anime and live action.

Or maybe it’s just my inner 13-year-old speaking.