What We Do in the Shadows - Taika Waititi, vampires, FX, the series

Trailer’s funny. I worry it’s a bit of a repeated joke over episodes.

The “energy vampire” was amusing. I read some dopey vampire boards years ago where people claimed they were this kind of vampire. They could be in the high-school hallway and fix their gaze on someone and drain energy, and see the person physically react. Their take on this was amusing.

Without the Kiwi accents and the setting I think the whole thing will be a bit meh.

Loved the movie and this looks great. I especially like the choice of actor for the energy vampire. He’s in Better Call Saul, but I also know him from his involvement in the Found Footage Festival and associated antics.

No Rhys Darby no sale

I’m in, though hopefully it’s not just a redux of the movie.

I don’t know how many “swearwolves” jokes I can take

Agreed. I’ll definitely watch this but I’m also a bit worried about it.

I just watched the pilot of this and it was really funny. So many familiar faces. And what’s his name from the IT Crowd!

Needs more Matt Berry. I don’t know how much patience I’ll have with the rest of it. :(

His name is Mark Proksch. And he’s tremendous in a pretty clever horror movie called Another Evil.

If it’s Rhys Darby delivering them, the answer is all of them!


Silly question: do I need to have watched the movie before the show? I can probably rent it or something (believe it’s no longer available for one of my streaming services), or I can just jump right into the show.

He’s also in Dream Corp LLC.

The movie is excellent so I’d highly recommend watching it first, even if it’s not technically necessary (I’m not sure either way).

For now I’m liking the tv series. I think limiting the stories to the 25 minute episodes is being better than the film, which had a few great jokes, but it also floundered in places.
Of course this may be repetitive after a few more episodes. We’ll see.

Best episode of the season last night(well, so far). No contest.

“Totally worth it!”

The two last episodes has been fantastic and it turned it into my currently airing favorite series.

Apparently this is airing on BBC2 in the UK.

Yeah, it’s a treat and it just keeps getting better and better. The last episode was the best.

I won’t go quite this far (yet) but it’s definitely one of the few I actively can’t wait to watch the next episode for.

I have yet to see an episode of this, but my girlfriend has been raving about it, so I may actually need to toss some money at Amazon if she and you all are any indication.

I have seen a couple of trailers, and love the idea of it. Also, I’m a huge Matt Berry fan, so…