What We Do in the Shadows - Taika Waititi, vampires, FX, the series



Trailer’s funny. I worry it’s a bit of a repeated joke over episodes.

The “energy vampire” was amusing. I read some dopey vampire boards years ago where people claimed they were this kind of vampire. They could be in the high-school hallway and fix their gaze on someone and drain energy, and see the person physically react. Their take on this was amusing.


Without the Kiwi accents and the setting I think the whole thing will be a bit meh.


Loved the movie and this looks great. I especially like the choice of actor for the energy vampire. He’s in Better Call Saul, but I also know him from his involvement in the Found Footage Festival and associated antics.


No Rhys Darby no sale


I’m in, though hopefully it’s not just a redux of the movie.


I don’t know how many “swearwolves” jokes I can take


Agreed. I’ll definitely watch this but I’m also a bit worried about it.