What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


Well there’s no reason not to just post the links. Here’s mine: https://g.co/fi/r/M1W5EF

Everyone on Fi, post your link, and then we’ll know who’s the most popular around here by how many referrals we each get. :)


So question regarding my new Pixel 3 and Fi , how do I get all my apps to port over to the new phone? Must I uninstall everything on the old phone first? Is there a transfer tool of some kind?


Nice idea!

Here is mine:



There’s a tool. It’s painless.

Pick me, pick me!

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Ah ok thanks, my phone came yesterday, but I won’t have time to even unbox it till after the weekend.


So this appears to be live - https://fi.google.com/compatibility#results

Some limitations for iPhones, so I think I’m going to wait to see what other people’s experience is like.


We should collect these codes into a post so folks can run down the list. Here’s mine: https://g.co/fi/r/P3C255

I’ll note that the current deal is that new referred subscribers get $20 in credit, but the referring subscriber gets $100 in credit until January 8 (or at least that’s what google shows me; I’ve done three previous referrals and only got $20/each.)


I’d post one, but no one will pick it, and then I’ll feel bad - just like junior high basketball… snif

Wait - $20?! I’ll risk the humiliation

Here’s a referral code to get a $20 credit when you join Project Fi! Redeem it at https://g.co/fi/r/TXD11J


Wow that was fast, I guess they really meant SOON when mentioning other phone brands were on the way.


Huh, I just ran through a few random ones, and they all said:

What this phone won’t get:

Even more security and network reliability. Switch among networks for an even more reliable connection, secure your data with a Fi VPN, and more.

So do they just connect to one or another network and be done with it?


Yeah, I guess iOS doesn’t allow access to functions that would allow for smart switching of networks.


That’s how Fi has always worked on iOS. You slot the SIM card into an unlocked iPhone and it works fine, as a tmobile SIM. You can’t switch between networks and visual voicemail doesn’t work.

Actually supporting Fi would require Apple to make changes in iOS.


True, but I think in order to do that, you had to first put your Project Fi Sim card into a Fi supported phone, and then put it in an iPhone. Now you should be able to skip that step since it’s officially supported on Fi.


Here’s my Project Fi referral code.

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I think they just enabled this. It’s strangely impossible to find any info about it. I don’t really care as I’ve never owned an iDevice and am fully entrenched into the Android universe, but I’m sure more details will be forthcoming. I was reading back through the last few weeks of Penny Arcade strips and noted that Jerry Holkins, a longtime iDevice user, recently switched to Android with the Pixel 3. It’s odd the perception that Apple fans have that Android is like the red-headed step-child of phone OS’s. It’s kind of like lifelong vault denizens stepping out into the wide world for the first time looking down their noses at everyone else’s clothing.


Doesn’t the Pixel 2 and up use eSim? Does Apple support that? You should need to plug an eSim into your phone to enable it.


But it isn’t just iOS. The Samsung, the OnePlus, etc. I certainly didn’t check them all, but that same message was on several. IOS did have additional problems with text messaging, though imessenger apparently still works of of the box.


I had not heard of that until just now. That sounds neat.


Yeah, I went to Vietnam earlier this year–one of the few countries where Fi doesn’t work–and while it was fairly painless to buy a Sim at the airport (they even installed it for me: $9 and 3 minutes), it would have been nice to be able to pre-purchase one and have it ready to go.


My understanding is that these phones aren’t setup (be it in hardware or software) to switch between multiple carriers - that was pushed as a pretty big deal when Fi came around and was able to do it, and was the reason given that Fi was limited to such a small selection of phones. They must have decided at some point that limiting the phones to T-Mobile was acceptable now.

Another thought - if opening up to more phones significantly boosts the subscriber rate, Google may be able to negotiate better rates and charge less than $10/gb for data.