When are you voting?

So there’s been discussion about absentee ballots and early voting recently – with Obama being up, early ballot will favor him.

When is the QT3 population going to vote, either in person, or via mail-in?

In person, with my soon-to-be-five year old in tow.

I forgot to register for early voting.

Polling stations for the Canadian federal election open tomorrow, so … tomorrow.

I’m voting Tuesday, election day here in Canuckistan.

I’m voting in person on election day. Filling out the form at my kitchen table way in advance just doesn’t seem as votey.

Got the forms. Filling them out this week.

Believe it or not, they use Diebold machines in Berkeley, CA.


Already Voted, Bitches! Now gimme some candy.

Election day. Makes me feel like I’m part of something.

Yea, Election Day is fun. I like standing in the lines and talking with folks. It’s a community thing.

Later today.

Early, often.

Early and often.

Election day. I’m all about getting my sticker.

Oops, I voted for this week, because the Canadian election is today!

I may not be able to vote. I moved into a different riding last month, and my landlord is a deadbeat who still hasn’t drafted a lease or anything for me. So I have no proof of address. So that’s not good.

Let me guess – weren’t going to vote conservative?

Election Day, first thing. Lines get a little wacky if I wait for later in the day.

Haha, Charles, what do you mean? Just based on my posts here? Anyway no I’m not voting Conservative.

If I get to vote at all!

So, neighbors to the north – why the hell do they call 'em “ridings”? That’s always confused me. I mean, “Congressional District” may be cumbersome and lack poetry, but it communicates the idea.

Apparently, this is the reason.

And I’ll toodle over to my polling station after work to cast my vote today.