When do the next generation GPUs drop?



/runs and cries on Nvidia RTX pillow


I’m not holding my breath


I’m expecting good things from Navi but not that good.


I hope the trend of AMD using more power and running hotter than Team Green ends soon.


I thought the 2xxx cards are actually running pretty hot.


Soon we will be stuck with RTX only, so the “is RTX worth it?” question will be kind of moot. I already can’t find 1070 Ti upward locally.

That TechPowerUp review is pretty useless with just average fps. No minimum fps data means it is pretty hard to predict real world performance.


That is nice and all, but how many people have been successful at installing the Windows 10 update that enables it? I’m still on 1803, 1809 doesn’t appear as an auto-update, and trying to use the update assistant to install 1809 fails.


Not me, I am on 1809 no prob… Oh shit. I am on 1803. I would have swore it updated to 1809.

Well that probably explains some minor issues I have been having with my new 2080. Time to roll the dice, been thinking about doing a fresh install so eh, whatever happens happens.


Hopefully you will have better luck than I have had with trying to install it. It gets a ways into it, and then during one of the reboot cycles decides it doesn’t like something and rolls back all the changes.


With all the issues 1809 has had I suppose you should be glad you’re not on it?

Tempted to get a 2xxx card, but think I’ll wait until next year to see if their failure rate (and price) drops a bit.


At this point, if 1809 isn’t installing on its own there’s probably a very good reason.

My guess is you probably have iCloud installed.


No, it still shows up as a new software option to install when itunes updates. Double checked to make sure though. Yeah with the initial problems 1809 had I wasn’t too worried about it, but it is annoying that they say things are fixed now and it still doesn’t install.


It’s also blocked on certain intel display driver versions; version supposedly fixes that.


I do, but I made sure to get the latest apple update. If it breaks iCloud that’s ok too, I can live without it for awhile.

Update went off without a hitch, everything seems to be working so far. Just restarted it before I went out for a bit and when I came back everything was normal minus a box saying ‘thanks for updating.’


Yeah, I came to the same conclusion when I was looking around at video cards during the black Friday sales. I was waffling on picking up a 1070 Ti and it seemed like it could be the last chance for one, really. I ended up grabbing a 2070 last week instead, though. The equivalent 1070 Ti version of the card I got is only $50 cheaper at the moment.


I don’t use any of the intel display or audio drivers from what I could see, but I have a Skylake so I tried to install that driver package and it failed saying that the system doesn’t meet the requirements. I wonder if MS is just keying off processor ids to decide whether to make the update visible.


Saw a rumour here and there that there might be a mid-level range from Nvidia without the RTX stuff. Makes sense to me.


I would buy a 2080ti NON-RTX



I would as well.


Lots of people would love to pay less, but that’s why Nvidia won’t do it. They bet the farm on RTX this generation.

Edit: well they bet on the high end. Certainly possible a 2050 or lower tier could be non RTX.