When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Both my Zotac 1080 and my FE 1080ti ran at 82C under heavy load (4k). The fans on both were loud and annoying to so I throttled them back to 50%. This cost me 1-2 FPS on the 1080ti. Worth it.


I’ll never own another loud/hot card. Drives me up the wall. Sorry, AMD.

Best upgrade I ever made was to a case with a bunch of 120mm fan slots that keep everything much better ventilated while running at a whisper-quiet 20% or so.


Yes, Pascal will boost clockspeeds and power consumption until it hits 82C. On my EVGA this was still very quiet, but blower cards would of course be much louder.


After talking with some people (randoms on the internet) I might just have a bad Vega card, as my temperatures are definitely not normal, especially when undervolting (without overclocking). Now to decide if I try to RMA or just return it.

Edit: Yeah this has to be defective. I just put the GTX 1080 back in and the 3dmark stress test is at 67C the whole time with occasional dips into 68C (and never above), and that’s with 50% fan speed. So cooling in my case is perfectly fine.


RTX TITAN seen in the wild. I predict $1599


I’ve seen 2080ti for more than that, so I bet this is even higher.

That’s $1749 on Amazon right now. Ridiculous.


Yeah, 2x series Titan will be $2k or more. Nvidia appears to be in f-it mode.


Yeah but that is a reseller, not actually Amazon. :p





Dear lord, and I felt like I paid a lot for my 2080 Ti.


24GB of VRAM!

@BrianRubin you should see if you are eligible for the EVGA step up program. ;)


AS I WAS SAYING! Never doubt me again, Mr. @lordkosc. I’m right at least one in five times! ;)


Bahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha god dammit. Well done, sir.


Big improvements in RTX performance to come, claim the Battlefield V people.



That is a huge boost, for sure. Good stuff, if it pans out even the 2070 will be somewhat RTX capable, at 1080p, with a g-sync monitor for periods of high frametimes.


LOL whatever happened to “it just works”?

I guess “it just works” with tons of optimization, like pretty much everything else.


The rays themselves “just work”, but you can determine how many rays you use to paint a scene, the resolution for shadows, occlusions, and reflections, and dynamically adjust that count every frame to target a <16.67ms frametime. That’s my guess as to what they’re doing. Possibly combine that with dynamic resolution also.


Yeah, Digital Foundry’s video described a bunch of optimizations DICE might be able to make, which they simply haven’t had a chance to implement. Ray tracing is absolutely not a “solved” problem.


Kinda glad I found a 1070 Ti for under four hundred. Has made a big difference in the games I play, and now my wife has my 970, an upgrade from her 670. Win/win.


2070 gets 70fps with RTX high at 1080p
2080 gets 60fps with RTX high at 1440p
2080 TI gets 47fps with RTX high at 4k (which may not be too bad with gsync)