When do the next generation GPUs drop?


I probably wouldn’t have upgraded anyway, because I have a 1440p monitor and a GTX1080. But if Nvidia offered something sexy like 1080ti+20% performance for $599 and raytracing, I might have bitten. Maybe.

And before everybody starts scoffing and saying stuff like you’re dreaming, you’re in fantasyland, etc, the GTX1080 had a launch MSRP of $599 and was 20% faster than the 980ti.

And yeah, you couldn’t buy them for that price for a couple months, before someone interjects. But that was the launch MSRP.


You’re ruining this discussion thread by telling us our counterpoints before we get to them.


Man. I thought the 8800GTX back in the day for $500 was a lot.



Pretty much. I was interested in getting a 2070, since I tend to upgrade every couple of generations.
Then they gave the prices and I decided I’d be keeping my 970 for a long time.

Sad to see AMD drop the ball as well, I would’ve maybe given them a shot, but at those prices, why bother?


Still running a 980ti at QHD, there’s just no compelling reason for me to upgrade.


Right where I sit


I’m still planning to end up with something between a 2080 ti and a 2080 Max Q, depending on whether I go laptop or desktop. Over the last few days, prices have started to plummet on prebuilt systems at major retailers. I’ve seen a high end 2080 ti system for $1799.

I ended up cancelling the Alienware 51m order – too many compromises (1080P screen, no GSync, very low sRBG coverage, non-MS-Precision trackpad). I could accept some of those, but not all of them. It’s probably the trackpad that was the last straw, but on a large, heavy, expensive 17" system they’re all pretty hard to take.

Right now I have an order in for an MSI GS75 Stealth 17" with a Max-Q 2080 – early reports are super favorable. Still a non-GSync 144Hz 1080P screen, but outstanding color and a magnificent trackpad.


We actually don’t know how much it is costing nvidia to produce RTX cards, so we actually don’t know if the RTX premium is justified or not.

All I know is, as long as the price is not coming down, I’m not buying. And so far there is really only ONE game on the shelves that uses ray tracing: Battlefield V, thus zero game I want to play. If there is one game I really want that is enhanced by ray tracing, I may bite.


Quake 2 is really enhanced by ray tracing :).


So the Anthem demo has me dropping to 24fps at a point with a vast number of effects going on onscreen.

If you were to step up from a 1070 for 3440 x 1440… what would you go for? 2070? 2080? 1080 Ti…? Where’s the sweetspot for a gaming PC? CPU is a 6700K, which I hope is not limiting things, in visually stunning gaming at least.

Blech. Having looked at prices it looks like both the 2070 and 2080 are 20-30% faster for several hundred bucks after reselling the 1070. Not much of a deal :/


I’m using a 1070 @ 1440p and haven’t noticed my frame rate dropping that low. This build isn’t super optimized for PC. I’d wait til you see what performance looks like in the full game after we get a driver update, personally. Btw, I have a 2500k, so I don’t think cpu is an issue.



Nvidia just rolling in the good news as of late.


Is it next year we should be hearing about intel’s discrete gpu work? I guess I should start paying attention to meeting notes and see if it pops up at work.


Nope, I was wrong.


SoftBank’s opportunity to sell its Nvidia stake is structured via a series of tranches that begin to expire early next year, said the people. The average price for the options is between $230 and $240 a share, one of the people said. SoftBank may decide against exercising its option to sell its stake if Nvidia’s share price rallies, the people said.

SoftBank quietly amassed a $3 billion stake in Nvidia in early 2017, making it the fourth-largest shareholder. The holding was later transferred to the Vision Fund, SoftBank’s giant technology investment fund.

The value of SoftBank’s Nvidia’s stake peaked at $7 billion in September, and the Japanese investor would get close to $6 billion if it were to exercise all of its options at their average strike price.

They were able to get almost $6bn for selling $3.6bn worth of shares, but only if they sold them in January.


Good. Related or not, I want to see them seriously punished for the gouging they’re doing with the RTX series. I’m willing to pay a premium for enthusiast tier stuff, but this generation is beyond absurd.


You never need to be angry at a company for the pricing of their consumer entertainment goods. Either pay people the price, in which case you can be angry at the idiots spending too much and driving up the price of your hobby, or the company gets punished with low sales.


This isn’t especially encouraging. verge says Radeon VII is pretty good, but underperforms vs 2080 while using more power and running hotter and louder. Hopefully driver updates and OEM designs help with that.


The problem with this is that Nvidia has a near-monopoly. Especially if you live in a warmer climate and don’t want your PC to double as a space heater with a Vega card. I just wish the enthusiast graphics card market was more competitive.