When do the next generation GPUs drop?


That would be really nice, but I’m not holding out hope.


haha, well then what stusser said. The bottom guys are okish in terms of price per performance, you can sometimes get the older cars, 1070ti, for even cheape but I think they’re almost out of those.


AMD dropped the Vega56 to $279 in attempt to complete.


Theoretically, you can’t actually buy one. It runs hotter and louder anyway, I would still get a 1660 at the same price.


Isn’t that like $40 MSRP higher than the x60 usually MSRPs for? Maybe that’s not wildly over priced but it seems like saying it’s reasonably priced is normalizing the price increases.


Well based on someone who doesn’t want to wait, they’re a lot more reasonably priced than the other end. I mean that freaking top card is 1200 dollars… a steal at 1100 or 1k… dear lord.


I posted in the hardware thread, but I’ll link it here also. $150 msrp OFF a RTX2080 + anthem and bf 5


The 1060 launched at $249 so the 1660 is a $30 premium. It’s definitely price creep, but nothing like the absurd increases we saw with the 20 series, more like what I expected to see from Nvidia this generation.


This 1070ti is okay but I’m already itching for something faster. Will there be a 1680?


It does come with Division 2, RE2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5, though.


That would be a compelling argument if you could buy one for $279.


There’s an interesting trend in the high-end mobile parts this cycle:

The 2080s are almost all Max-Q designs (in the thin 15 & 17” categories, they are all Max Q)
The 2070s are almost all more readily available in the full fat, non-Max-Q designs.

The performance between these two models appears to be really, really close.

The price difference between them is vast — usually at least $500. MSI has one of the best-reviewed compact 17” models so far, and their prices are:
2070, 16GB RAM, 512SSD: $2299 EDIT: this is also a Max-Q (darn)
2080 Max-Q, 32GB RAM, 512SSD: $2999

If you’re willing to “settle” for a full-fat 1080 (albeit in a larger & heavier footprint), you can pick up the previous generation models for an additional $500 off on average (like the Alienware 17, which I’ve seen around $1700 on sale from Dell).

Interesting choices. The notion of fitting a 17” gaming laptop into a 15” laptop bag is pretty appealing, so I’m eyeing the MSI 2070 model.


17" gaming laptops fit nicely in backpacks.


I was wrong about the 2070 in that MSI – it is a Max-Q. There are much cheaper laptops using the full 2070 (like this no-frills model on Amazon for $1799 nicely-configured).


DLSS in Battlefield 5 is apparently trash.


This generation continues to look like such an overpriced turd.


GTX1660ti is a good buy, if you’re looking for 1440p or lower. RTX2060 is a marginally acceptable pricepoint for its performance level. Any faster than that will cost 'ya.


Yeah I am sad they couldn’t get the Radeon 7 out at $599. It would have caused at least some price pressure on Nvidia, at the mid-high end.


Yeah, it’s really frustrating. I’m all ready to pass my current system down to my kid and build a new one targeting my monitor (3440 x 1440 @ 100Hz, which is a bit much for my current i5-3570k + GTX 1070). But the big price jump this time around for the same level parts makes it hard to pull the trigger on it.


Not at all. The 1660ti is the same performance as your old 1070, and it starts around $275. GTX1070 launched at $380.

A GTX1660ti or RTX2060 should handle 3440x1440 no problem, but it won’t get to 100Hz in most games unless you turn down the settings. You probably need a RTX2080 to get there comfortably, and that’s coming into big bucks.