When do the next generation GPUs drop?

And the fact there’s not very much even pushing those earlier cards to the limits. Sony and MS are still making games that can still run on Xbone/PS4 hardware.

Yep. And that’s not stopping as long as there’s a Series S out there, so basically for another five years.

What are the lookers these days? Cyberpunk, MSFS, Plague Tale, Returnal? I expect running these at 4K might take a hefty card but for resolutions below that the 3XXXs still seem good. Maybe I will hang on for the 5060 :)

In the past, I usually went at least two tiers. ATI HD3850 → 5850 → 7850, for instance. This time I went from Nvidia 980Ti → 3060Ti → ?

So the plan was to hold out to at least 5060Ti, possibly 6060Ti.

that 980Ti was a good one though

Yes it was! Thank you again Chappers. :)

My motherboard on that machine finally died last month. :( Sigh. (Bought it in 2009, so it had a good run). I’m still not decided on what to do. Should I made a new cheap machine and put all the hard drives from in that one in there and make it a new Plex machine from streaming content off of? Seems a waste of a 980 Ti as a plex machine, but still.

or you could upgrade your main PC and use that motherboard for this one.

Edit: I have an EVGA RTX 3080 10GB if you know anyone interested. Would be looking for around $500.

I mean, I usually wait 2-3 Gen between cards. 1060 to 3060 ti this time. I snagged one just as they became available.

The fact that there is no 400-500 option outside of team blue, (which is about the same level of power I have now) hasn’t done much to entice me.

I just got a 6700 (non-xt) to replace my failing 1060 6gb because I don’t push the envelope in games and I refuse to engage with the pricing insanity going on at the moment. I hope they choke on it.

So say we all. I’d planned on getting a new rig by now and passing along mine to my kid, but this market is utter bullshit.

Incoming 7800X3D claimed to rock bells. As they used to say on Voodooextreme.


At only 1080 though

Which is generally how they measure CPU performance to avoid GPU bottlenecking.

Horizon Zero Down is the No Down Payment, No Interest version of the game.

Only for very well qualified players, though.

HDR g-Sync vs Freesync Monitor oddities between Graphics Cards/vendors:

The worst thing about HDR are those insomniac nights (like now) where I forget to turn it off, wander into some bright area in-game (or god forbid, hit some pure white loading screen) and it causes my eyes physical pain.

“The investigation here centres on the Alienware 34 AW3423DWF. That’s the slightly cheaper version of Alienware’s 34-inch OLED gaming monitor which ditches Nvidia’s G-Sync tech for more generic adaptive refresh and AMD FreeSync.”

“Problem is, that option is only available to Nvidia GPU users. The reason why? According to Monitors Unboxed, it’s because AMD GPUs instead use AMD’s own tone mapping, which is a part of the FreeSync feature set.”

So… the problem is that this particular monitor implements FreeSync in a half-assed way? It seems they forgot to implement the tone mapping part.