When was the last time you puked?

I was wondering about this just a couple weeks ago since it had been so many years that I couldn’t even remember.

…and then I got gastroenteritis last week. Life is funny.

I haven’t listened to the latest podcast either so forgive my futile reply.

My last chunk baking session was years ago when I went out for a drink, and came back having had many drinks. I sat in front of my computer and proceeded to play a game or two. At some point my body thought that this was incompatible with the ongoing turmoil in my stomach, and gave me a 3 second warning before ejecting the contents.
The only feasible recepticles to hand were two empty pint mugs I had sitting on my desk. I filled one and a half.

I didn’t empty them until the following afternoon.

That stomach flu was just . . . I still can’t quite process how sick we all were from it (our household picked it up at the end of January).

It ruined a 10 year barf-free streak for me. During this time, it seems my faulty vagus nerve got worse, and now when my brain sends the message “purge!”, my body interprets it as “pass out, THEN purge!” if I’m not laying totally flat on the floor.

Good times, good times. I now have more proof than any woman ever should that my husband truly loves me.

Apply pressure (pretty hard pressure) to the wound for a couple of mintues with some sterile gauze (after washing it out with soap and water), then try to bandage it.

The last time I puked was moments before undergoing anesthesia for an emergency surgery in 2007. Before that, it was in the first weeks of my freshman year at college, in 1999.

I really hate puking, so I’ve managed to avoid it pretty effectively.

Last july 3. I was at work, checking up my assistant, and this large human turd had fallen off the conveyor belt and was laying on the floor for some reason I lost it and puked. Don’t get me wrong I’m no pussy once dissolved, I have no problem with excrement, I’ve been covered head to toe with liquefied human excrement many times without getting sick. But when it still looks like what it is, I lose it.

About 2 weeks ago. I finished doing some exercising and came back to my house, very hungry. But, the only food I had anywhere was a large box of wheat thins. I ate the entire box of wheat thins in about 10 minutes while I was playing a game, completely not noticing. I also didn’t really drink any water.

About 8 hours later my entire body shut down. I got horrible gas, couldn’t keep anything down, and eventually puked up a bunch of brown vaguely fibrous stuff, which actually made me pass out because I had stupidly just taken a long hot shower.

Moral: fiber is evil.

Jesus christ.

In the hospital, the day after having major surgery for my cancer. Morphine makes me nauseous and my whole body hurt. I had this really pushy nurse who wanted to immediately get up and start walking around. I told her I wasn’t ready for it but she insisted. So I sat up and puked what little I had in my stomach and she let me alone. I felt horrible all day until I got to talk to my doctor the next day and insist that he take me off of the drugs – the pain was a lot easier to handle than the nausea.

I don’t remember when it was. It was a stealth-boot-and-rally at a bar or something. I very rarely throw up, and when I do, I do it like a ninja.

A few weeks ago, I got food poisoning. I woke up in the middle of the night, and, for the next six hours, puked at hourly intervals. After the third round, I thought that surely there was nothing left to come up, and that I was done with puking. I was wrong.

That was not a good night.

long, long time ago… maybe 10 years? … i took a multivitamin on a ski trip on an empty stomach…couldn’t keep it down…

I don’t puke very often.

Its been a few months and 4 or 5 heavy bouts of drinking since I’ve puked. Feeling pretty good about it, I think I’m building up my alcohol tolerance. Or maybe I’m puking every time I’m really drunk and just not remembering it the morning after. Personally, I’m fine with either scenario.

Sometime last fall if I remember correctly. I was taking a medication that my body wasn’t reacting to very well and I woke up with a lot of nausea, which was followed by me reaching for a nearby plastic cup. I actually keep several plastic fast food cups under my bed for emergencies like that after I went through a few weeks of stress induced regular sickness a few years ago.

I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was in a bar on a New Year’s Eve around '92 or '93, in a situation that sounded a lot like Hippo’s.

I learned quickly that I can’t mix beer and vodka and wine or whatever, and sticking to one or the other has served me well over the years. I can barely even remember many times when I’ve been nauseous over the last 15 years.

Was about 8 months or so ago, ingested half a bottle of bourbon in a scientific attempt to see how much I could drink and to carefully study the results.

— Alan

I haven’t thrown up since June 29th, 1980.

About a week ago. I had some sort of stomach virus and it was just projectiling out of both ends all night. Before that … can’t remember, honestly. When I thought I was going to puke, I remember thinking, “When was the last time I did this?”

This, but a year ago. It was awful.

Ugh, I had that when I was 3 months pregnant. Couldn’t even keep water down. Then I proceeded to give it to my husband, as a token of my affection.