Which iPhone X for you?


Indeed, harshly.


Semi-tangent: you’d think the checkout people at the super-private cafeteria would mention those rules rather than egging the girl on.


I don’t think it’s the cashier at Café Macs’ job to know and enforce security rules at Apple HQ.


If the entire place is a no-video zone, it’s not a stretch to think that they would know that. This is Apple we’re talking about.


On the positive side, I was impressed by the girl’s production quality. It beats the hell out of what I could do.


The girl’s video was extremely gratuitous and violated like 20 things every Apple employee should know by heart. I think they had no choice but to fire the guy, and rightly so.


Well, that seems to go hand in hand with my opinion of Apple.


Google fired a guy for posting a picture of his uniform and welcome letter on Reddit. Let’s not pretend this is anything new or different from any other company.


Uh, google makes people wear uniforms?


Talk me into or out of ordering an iPhone X through the Apple iPhone upgrade program.

It’s interest free, is there any catch? I could technically afford an iPhone X all at once right now, but a few unexpected expenses between now and January mean it’d probably be smarter to hold off on dropping the $1400 all at once before 2018.

So waiting was the plan, and I managed to resist putting in my order.

But now I’m looking at the upgrade plan, and the ~$60/month wouldn’t cramp my style, and I could pay the whole thing off later anyway, or just stick with the monthly payments, and then decide in a year if I want to trade in with the upgrade option, keep the payments going all 24 months to own the phone outright, etc. Seems like nothing but good options, right? Any downside I’m overlooking? Is taking out a loan for a phone going to ding my credit score in any meaningful way?

Be my voice of financial reason, internet strangers!


I’d wait for more iPhone X reviews unless you’re 110% sure the X is your huckleberry. Other than that I think it’s a fine deal.


If I recall correctly he was hired to go to retail stores to push Chromebooks, so yeah. It was just a polo shirt with a Google logo. He posted a picture on Reddit and they fired him for breaking their NDA.


Got my 7 Plus though the Upgrade Program and I’m getting the X as my upgrade.

Previously, I’d sell my prior phone when upgrading (or give it to my wife and sell her two-gen-old phone).

When I signed up for the program, I was a bit frustrated I wouldn’t be able to sell the old phone. But, if I had gone that route this time, I’d be able to get $500-700 for my 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. I have about $600 in payments remaining on it. So I’m essentially in the same boat financially if I’d bought the phone flat out and tried to sell it to help pay for the new one.

So given that the price is the same as Phone+AppleCare, I can’t see any reason not to do the program. You can always hang on to the phone for two years and pay it off if you want to, or if you trade, looks like it’s a wash vs. selling it.


Thanks for the feedback, gonna order this afternoon. Only regret now is that I didn’t consider this a week ago and at least make an attempt at a 3:00 am order!

Hopefully I can still get a X by Christmas, I’d love having the upgraded camera with family over the holidays.


A Business Insider article pointed this out and it is a little crazy:

Now, prospective iPhone customers have a ton of options. As of October 31, you can choose between:

  • The iPhone SE, starting at $350
  • The iPhone 6S, starting at $450
  • The iPhone 6S Plus, starting at $550
  • The iPhone 7, starting at $550
  • The iPhone 7 Plus, starting at $670
  • The iPhone 8, starting at $700
  • The iPhone 8 Plus, starting at $800
  • And the iPhone X, starting at $1,000

Of course even the 6s is a fair bit faster than the “latest” hideous Android Qualcomm hardware…

Also worth considering that the 6s, 7, and 8 basically have the same external design don’t they? It would be difficult to tell them apart by a casual glance, wouldn’t it? And they are similar internally except for minor screen improvements, and (of course) major speed improvements – the only “real” difference is the cameras, wouldn’t you say?

I’m trying to remember which iPhone added 2GB / 3GB (plus) RAM … was that the 7? What serious generational improvements were there from 6s, to 7, to 8? Headphone jack lost in 7? Wireless charging added in 8?

I mean no wonder the 8 doesn’t sell so well, it’s hard to tell these damn things apart unless they are the X or the SE!


6s went to 2GB RAM, which was a substantial improvement (but still an “s” level one). The 7+ was the first one with 3GB RAM. Which isn’t a big deal. And yes, the 8 is really a 6sss.

6: New form factor
6s: 2GB RAM, 3D touch, water-resistance
6ss (7): Antenna lines less visible, 3GB RAM in 7+, water-proof, no headphone jack
6sss (8): Glass back, Qi charging


It is kinda nuts that Apple sells all these models simultaneously. Pretty sure Steve Jobs would have busted a vein by now if he has still alive.

If it wasn’t for the camera, I’d heartily recommend the lower end models over Android any day.


Well, they’re trying to segment the market and hit multiple pricepoints. That makes a lot of sense. There really is no major difference between a 6s and an 8, so why not buy the cheaper one for your kid or your aunt or whatever?

Remember, you can buy a really great flagship android phone like the Oneplus5 or the Essential starting around $500, easily comparable to the 6s. (Please spare us the qualcomm bit, we know your feeling on that.)


Yeah but the performance is emulsified ass. Literally worse than the 6s across the board. But then a new 6s is $450/$500 too…

I often feel the best case for Apple hardware on value is used. Because the quality is so damn high, even used, and then your bang for the buck is huge. At least with Apple when you pay 2x more for the new hotness, you literally get 3x the performance of the equivalent Android device.

I don’t know anyone who would be moronic enough to buy Android junkware used though. That’s like getting the clap.


Nobody, that’s why android devices have little resale value. If you want a cheap but good android phone there are tons of options-- Amazon’s ad-supported ones are particularly strong. They’ll sell you a Moto G5+ or LG Q6 for around $200. That’s insane value.

And if you want a flagship, they’ll sell a LG G6 for $400. Again, super-cheap for what you’re getting. That’s nice hardware, and Apple really doesn’t compete in these pricepoints unless you’re willing to use a refurbished and/or 4" phone.