Who are you selling for?


h/t to TPR.

So, take a look at yourself and what you are wearing. Which logos/brands are visible to another person? What are you advertising for in your clothing choices?


For me, it’s currently:



I try never to advertise for brands. My shoes have a small Lems tag on them, but that’s it.


@Clay is advertising Lems! :)

Chaps polo
Citizen Eco Drive watch
Sonoma jeans (Kohls)
New Balance sneaks


Mostly Eddie Bauer, I guess. And I’m ok with that.


At the current moment? Nothing. But that’s because it’s hardly advertising when your shoes have the company you work at logo on them.

When running? Depends on the weather. Winter gets a lot of Under Armor rep. Summer more Chicago Marathon, actually.


Levis and Cobra.

Yes, that Cobra.


The International Workers Revolution.




Technically no logos or brands visible, although my Apple Watch is obviously an Apple Watch.


…Super Monkey Ball, I guess?





I thought I was possibly the only weirdo I’d ever meet who wears their shoes. I bought my first pair before they rebranded and still wear them around the house.

Otherwise I avoid logos like the plague.


Wrangler, but it’s hidden by my belt.


Seiko watch.
Lucky jeans.

No brands visible on anything else.

That’s pretty typical for me. Most of the time whichever watch I’m wearing is the most visible.


I work AT a fashion company and wear jeans a solid color t-shirt just about every day. I can’t tell what brand my sneakers are from looking at them. Apparently I’m pretty nondescript.


I guess another person could make out about 20% of an Under Armor logo on my sock peeking above my shoe. And if I were kicking the other person in the face, they might just spot the faded Dunham logo on the sole of said shoe.


Nothing on my clothes

I have my company ID on a Mazda lanyard because race car :)


Currently I’m advertising generic red t-shirts, off-brand denim, and some sort of brown shoe I don’t know the brand of.

I did drink from a Subway soda cup earlier on the way to my car. But I don’t think I’m enough of a market mover to help remove Jared’s taint.


I make a point of never wearing clothes with logos, and never wearing T-Shirts with any statement on them.

I’m currently wearing a Travelsmith shirt, no logo. The shorts I think I bought at Costco. The shoes are Birkenstocks. I suppose those are distinctive enough that people would recognize them, but hey, gotta have something on my feet. No shoes, no service!