Why don't police use whips?

Serious question. I was fooling around with a bullwhip the other day and, dudes, it was so sweet. It’s scary as hell for everybody involved and it moves just like a snake. But I figured it would be way more effective in the right circumstances than pepper spray or batons or whatever. Is the distaste for whips purely cultural?

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Come on Theo, think about it. Sure a whip is scary, but it’s a hell of lot less precise than pepper spray, less useful than a baton, and takes a hell of lot more training to use correctly than either.

I think a whip is far more likely to do permanent damage than the other non-lethal methods currently employed. Haven’t you seen those old Civil War-era photos of slaves with backs like washboards from all the scarring?

Absolutely no reason at all. Oh, except perhaps for:

  • the possibility of leaving permanent scars or serious injuries
  • it becomes useless in close quarters
  • it’s only effective against one target at a time
  • your target isn’t just going to stand there waiting to be whipped
  • it’s difficult to coordinate among multiple officers (a wall of whips?)
  • it’s a symbol of slavery

(Edit: Bah, beaten.)

There’s a thought right there.

They could be electric whips. Maybe they could retract, sorta, like Omega Red’s whip thingies.

I’m going to write a letter to the police department.

Man, this is going to be awesome.

Eat shit.

Think about it lol.

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