Wii Friend Codes

Each console has it’s own number. If you ever get another console, you’ll have to swap numbers with all your friends again.

It’s the price you pay to make something that connects to the Internet family safe. Your kids will never memorize a 16 digit number so the pedo next door will never be able to be playing with your kids and their wii while just knowing their gamer name.

The jokes with this machine. They never get old.

Jenn - 3426 0037 5492 9721

Making Miis can be addicting. I’d also love to see the Mii parade in action one of these days.

Five years of this. Thanks, Nintendo. What the hell, go ahead and name your next console the Wang. It’ll be fun.

In other news, I saw Joel strolling around inside my Wii last night, it was great.

5064 3504 7045 9382

Dean and Elizabeth

At least this way we don’t have to make up unique screen names-- until we have friends that have overlapping names that is.

Put some pants on.

Wasn’t there a poorly titled business article:

Wang, the chink in IBM’s armor.


8068 2081 8451 2503

Some of you guys suck at baseball.

Okay, I think I’ve added everyone who posted their number. Don’t forget to change your travel setting and roaming settings for individual Wii people.

2648 2413 1411 5522

3829 1782 4059 3887

Mii: OG Brett

Console name: No Depth
Wii code: 1064 3223 3673 9095

Add me. :)

OMG My Wii is full of Miis today!

So far I have joel, andrew mayer, matt keil and jjohnsen wandering around.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Oh, did you know you can transfer your Mii to your Wii remote like a memory card, so when you take the remote to someone else’s house you can play with your own avatar? That is BRILLIANT.

Yay mii parade! I just went through and added everyone, and a few of you have shown up in my mii parade.

My lone short, stumpy girl mii looks sort of ridiculous surrounded by all the tall, skinny guy miis.

So do you actually have to send your Wii to other people for it to show up?

I think all you have to do is set your Miis to “mingle” and to exchange Wii codes.

So far I haven’t seen any new Miis except for those who explicitly sent it but I only added the codes this morning.

Here’s mine:

Mii name: Jason
Wii’s name: WiiJason
number: 5419 0745 0381 4844

I was just playing Wii Sports and I noticed that all my new Mii friends showed up among the other bowlers and spectators at the bowling alley. Brilliant!