Wildfires and stuff..


The California trifecta.


They closed one of the entrances to Yosemite yesterday because of the threat of mudslides. It was an area burned by the Ferguson Fire earlier in the year.


In Florida it’s heavy rain, hurricane, dry season fires.


Better than the japanese trifecta (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown)! (oh and for bonus points - volcanic eruption).


At least we aren’t on Venus. Hottest planet (yes hotter than Mercury). Corrosive atmosphere. Thousands of volcanoes.


If a stone on Venus dissolved in acid, and there was no one there to see it, did it really happen?


Define stone. Define acid. Define see. Define no one. Show your work.


Camp fire bankrupting Insurer:


Is there a region of the country where insurance agencies are able to meet their obligations?


Depends on whether or not enough tornadoes or flooding or earthquakes or forest fires or tsunamis or golf ball sized hail hits in a particular year.


So maybe Vegas is probably, nature-wise, the safest city (aside from the heat). I guess it’s moderately susceptible to earthquakes and some flash flooding but that’s about it.

— Alan


Safe until the aquifers are empty…


Haha, well it might be hard to fight any kind of fire when there’s no water left. Who fits the bill when everyone vacates the area and abandons their mortgages because no one wants a house with no running water in it?


Don’t need insurance for that :)

— Alan


Or civilization collapses due to climate change. Then they have to barter with the surrounding baronies for water.


NCR would be quick to grab and protect those water sources.


I think I’ve seen this before…