Windows 10


If are am enterprise, what are you doing accepting the patch? There is a reason why enterprise edition allows you to delay these sorts of things.

By the way, the update has only gone out to 18 or so percent of windows 10 computers. It’s a slow roll out.


Finally ran into my first major issue with Windows 10 (though equally an issue on Google’s end). After the patch I accepted around the time Anniversary rolled out Chrome is basically unusable – huge delay in connecting to a site, then it will start to load and stutter in loading. Impossible to watch anything streaming and load another page anymore. Switching to Firefox or Edge works fine, and running under Win 7 compatibility seems to fix it for a short while but the compatibility change never seems to stick. Maddening.


It didn’t bork powershell, it borked DSC, which is a very specific subset of powershell that allows managing machines like puppet/ansible/saltstack/chef/whatever.

Anybody using this isn’t using a carte blanche autoupdate and therefore isn’t going to run into this.

Well except for the developers actively using DSC on their workstations for eventual rollout to servers (like me).


Yeah, I wondered if Microsoft is putting in code to deliberately make Chrome slower in order to make people move to IE.


Wox looks like it has a lot of potential, but it was far more annoying than helpful. It’s actively being worked on so I have high hopes for it eventually.

However I just found a new program in a very round about way (I started using Text Editor Anywhere) and ended up finding [Listary] (

My initial reaction after a brief honeymoon period is ‘Holy shit, where have you been all my life.’

It’s like a cross between Launchy/Wox and Everything - I think it uses the same NTFS index as Everything because it had instant access to all my files and searching was instantaneous.

No plugins and there is a $20 pro version but so far I haven’t needed any plugins and the freeware version certainly isn’t crippled.

updated for nov 2016: Voidtools' Search Everything !

Listary looks pretty good, but dear god, that website. I was waiting for a testimonial from that Simpsons guy.

Text Editor Anywhere is slick too. Was quite interesting that they give the example of calling out to Vim, but then they pull a 180 and screenshot emacs. I mean really… who does that?

(EDIT: I did give Listary a try - liking it better than Wox thus far).


Something odd I just discovered - Facebook on Chrome. under Windows 10, gets slower and slower until it’s pretty much unusable for me. I did some searching, did some cmd line stuff, worked for just a short time. Then it was slow again.

Randomly found someone recommend turning off Hardware Acceleration in Chrome settings. Seemed anti-intuitive to me. But I just tried it and, for me, Chrome is now MUCH snappier and quicker.



Apparently chrome on windows just got a major update with much needed improvements


My Surface Pro 3 updated to build 14393.105 and now the fan is running continuously even when it’s sitting idle. Looking at the Task Manager I see the CPU is running at 3.10 GHz even on battery power. I hope this is fixed soon.


Well, I’m still seeing Facebook slow down over time in Chrome with Windows 10. Doesn’t seem to have the same problem with Facebook or Edge. Ugh


Guess it is time to pay attention to what kind of hardware you are buying if you intend to stay away from Windows 10 and stick to the still -kinda- supported Windows 8.1, or switch to something better.

Suppose you could buy new hardware and install a variation of Linux, then run Win8.1 in a VM that would still play “all” (many, suppose some DRM stuff would break) your games.

Interesting that the hardware manufacturers and Microsoft are colluding to try and force people who upgrade their hardware to downgrade the OS at the same time, can not recall this ever being an issue with hardware/OS versions before – but then again, there never was an issue regarding a new Windows version before either (Although I suppose people wanted to avoid Vista/Win8 for performance/UX reasons).


What fresh hell is this?

Both my work and home PC’s today restarted while I was in the middle of using them with no warning of any sort. I see some updates were installed. Great, thanks for the heads up? I did some research and all the results I see for “disallow Windows 10 automatic restarts” point to images that no longer resemble the Windows Update screen - and no one else seems to have noticed this last update just forces a reboot even if you are in the middle of typing an e-mail.

Has anyone else experienced this yet? IS there a way to stop Windows 10 from just rebooting when it feels like it?


Happened to me, too, as I was going through a document while on a conference call. It had better have been a very important update.


Yes, there is. #2 in the link below.


At work on Friday morning, I found my computer had upgraded to Windows 10, the big anniversary update. And when I tried to start Quickbooks, as soon as it loaded any company file, it crashed immediately. I didn’t tie this into the update until I did some google searches and found a lot of people having problems with older versions of Quickbooks not loading company files with the new Anniversary update of Windows 10.

So I rolled back the Anniversary Update.

And hey! I can use quickbooks again. So just a heads up. If you use Quickbooks, and are like most small businesses that don’t buy the latest version, stay away from the new Windows update.


Thought they forcibly installed updates, or have they relented now?


I just got the update. The timing was annoying as I found it in the middle of the update when I wanted to do some online banking. It eventually finished. I started using the updated OS and the task bar and windows menu speed responding although Chrome browser and another program I had open were both still responding. After rebooting, things seemed to have cleared up. The only oddity I have encountered so far is that the sound icon appeared to have disappeared. But when I went to the settings to enable it, it showed it was enabled but the icon for it showed as blank.


Rock8man, which version of Quickbooks are you using? I won’t let my work laptop update to Win10 out of concern over this.


We are using Quickbooks 2011.

Our accountant keeps telling us we should upgrade for the Quality of Life improvements, but we figure we’re getting by with this older version just fine so we’ve stuck with it so far.


I’m pretty sure the Anniversary update is causing some kind of problems with the audio drivers which is making the Windows notifications freeze when they pop up and won’t disappear until you restart the computer. It’s really pissing me off.