Windows 10


They stopped doing that last summer. Update your OS.

Note it will probably install telemetry when you do this. So decline those updates, google which ones.


[quote=“stusser, post:3361, topic:75647, full:true”]For me, win10 is usable as soon as I see the desktop.
The Windows 8 debacle in a nutshell.


Oh, sweet Mary mother of God.

The fucking Creator’s Update of Very Important Things that Definitely Will Impact My Life At All Ever has apparently resurrected my fucking flashing-command-shell-window issue.

Pretty much took two days of headdesking insanity to deal with it last time.

I am going to fucking kill a man.

e: Fuck you, Microsoft, for reinstating the motherfucking ass-chomping bullshit trigger that steals focus every hour on the hour to tell Daddy about the state of my god damned Office services. I don’t even give a shit if you want the telemetry - I really don’t! - but at least implement it in a way that isn’t a piss on the grave of St. Ura Xelios, who theorized The Ideal Practices of User Experience Management in 300AD and was flayed by the Mongols for suggesting that perhaps letting subject kings send their taxes via caravan instead of by packing them one-by-one on wild dogs and letting them loose outside their conquered cities to hopefully find their way back to Karakorum might solve some related issues.


Wait… that’s what is stealing focus all the time? In the past week or two, I’ve had games alt-tabbing themselves back to the desktop for no apparent reason. I haven’t had it happen since I updated this weekend to the new version though…


I believe that this is the culprit task. Kill the trigger to fix. I’m a couple beers in after a long day, though; I’ll try to confirm tomorrow (may not happen, busy) or Wednesday.


OK I am holding off feature updates for a few months until they iron out the kinks.


Just looked at this on my own machine, and it looks like it’s scheduled to call home every day at 4:00 am. I have never noticed it.


Mine was set to call home every day at 4am and every hour thereafter.


This is a fucking stupid analogy. If you’re a home user, yeah, it’s mostly fine. In a business, on a server, who the fuck would allow automatic updates? There have been countless times that an MS update has simply broken mission critical functionality. I can’t count the times the update process itself caused servers to hang, or get stuck in boot loops, even if the patch itself wouldn’t have caused problems. Lots of small/mid-sized businesses, or autonomous, under-funded departments in a larger shop, can’t afford to have automatic updates run them out of business.


Surely you mean every day?

1.00:00:00 = 1 day

So what’s so bad about this service btw? Isn’t it just the Office resource manager/virtualizer/streaming installer thing?


So I haven’t installed any updates in a while because I am an anti-vaxxer. Downloading a bunch now - is there any way or tool yet to choose which I want to actually install? It’s grabbing some driver updates that I don’t want (Razer and a capture card I just removed), etc…

How can I tell if one of them is the creator’s update, as I would like to defer that for the time being. This is the only one that does not link to a KB:

But it links to a page for version 1703 updates. I think 1703 is creator’s, isn’t it?



We upgraded our presentation laptops at work to Win10 to get them back on the network (previous IT person let their AD credentials lapse, requiring a reimaging to fix, because ???, so we went ahead and bumped up to 10).

Can’t search via Cortana/start menu. I get one letter typed and then it disappears. Tried a multitude of suggestions online. Everything but “reset Windows,” since, you know, this is literally a brand new, fresh image of Win10 with nothing else on it.



I have the same thing happen to me randomly, I either reboot or restart explorer.exe

Mostly I just use listary to launch things so I don’t really care.


Just when I needed the ‘like’ button the most… it was removed. :(

In that case, hear hear.

I’ve always loathed stuff that suddenly starts blinking (and expanding the ‘start bar’) just to call my attention to something. I believe back in Win95 days there was a TweakUI You could use to disable it… now I’m always almost irritated enough to find out where the functions is, hook it, and destroy it, if possible crashing my OS at the same time.


Haha, goddammit, right you are. My next likely culprit is OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration, which is in fact every hour.

The fact remains, someone is gargling some taint and deserves every word of vitriol.

e: Super Bonus Fuck You for changing some damn registry key that my equalizer uses so I had to reboot. Luckily this program is wise to your bullshit and detected and fixed the problem, but come the fuck on.


That’s probably it. It looks like MS is looking into the problem:


Brightness still fucked. Searches show no solution. What happened to @LMN8R?


Might be tired from defending/MSplaining Microsoft for a while, or just busy with other stuff.

Speaking of which:

Apparently Microsoft had patches available as early as in February - but I guess they had to be bundled with content/feature before they could be rolled out :-)


OK, yeah. I’m gonna use that one.


How about they auto turn on security updates and stop forcing new features?