Windows 10


Maybe totally off base, but do you possibly have a disc in an optical drive?


Thanks, I did try it! And unfortunately nothing changed…
Have looked at powercfg report and nothing jumps out at me, but then I’m not THAT well versed in system speak!

And nope, no optical drive at all.


I think we discussed this here before but Search-fu is not up to par today. I lost some work because I put Windows to Sleep and went to bed only to wake up seeing it rebooted by itself. I suspect Windows Update must have installed some stuff when I was asleep. Really irritating to see lost of productivity! Does that mean I have to save my state every night?


Yes, unless you turn it off with winaero tweaker.


Okay, this bugs me. Does no one save their work on a regular basis? Maybe I am just paranoid, but I save a file multiple times and usually save it under different draft names.

Now, I usually use only word and Excel, but I got into this habit of saving often with Windows XP for fear of not just Windows, but also power outages and personal clumsiness.


I do try to remember but sometimes I forget and that was the one time :(
Also, I lost all the opened web pages but luckily Chrome restored them when it detected a “crash”


Yeah, I hear you. I certainly have lost my fair of data, including a large part of my thesis once, which is why I am so paranoid.

Again, my use case is usually word, which has auto save function, and takes up little room. Not all programs are as friendly though.


I definitely feel Windows is at fault here. The PC is sleep mode, for goodness sake! One wouldn’t expect it to wake up, update itself and reboot! That’s truly intrusive!


It is Windows 10. "We know best, give us access to your files… "


I try to save work regularly all the time. In fact, most the applications I use auto-save over a fairly short period of time. I don’t expect my PC to dump my data in the middle of the night though unless it actually crashed. Win 10 forced restarts doing that would piss me off too.


I can’t believe in 2017 “saving your work” is still a thing we have to worry about. Every app should be saving my progress automatically at all times. Hell, Microsoft Office on iPad does that, but for some reason on Windows you still have to press that damn disk icon.


One of my favorite features, actually. Computer turns itself on, updates, reboots if needed, turns itself off. Makes updating basically transparent to me. That said, if you disallow wake timers that “should” (I’ve seen some motherboard/driver wonkiness around ACPI) disable the feature as well.


I guess that might work if your computer is sleeping at the time, but I wouldn’t chance it. Use winaero tweaker, which definitely works.

And yes, it’s infuriating that Windows ignores the policy specifically designed to control rebooting after updates.


This tweet made me laughed out loud:

Windows: "hi, I rebooted last night, all your work is gone lolz"

Me: "Reboot now plz"
Windows: “I can’t, Excel is running.”


Finally installed Creator’s Update after the drama back in April when it slowed my wireless networking to a crawl and I had to revert.

It did not go smoothly.

TL;DR - something conflicts between Nvidia’s drivers and DuetDisplay, a nifty piece of software that lets me use a tethered iPad as a second display at full resolution and 60Hz. But it took a couple hours of Safe Mode reboots and unplugging all my USB devices and uninstalling/reinstalling Nvidia drivers to figure that out. The OS would boot fine but then stop at a black screen with the spinning dots. I could see my mouse cursor but that’s it. The internet was full of various causes of this problem, but nothing fixed it until I discovered the issue with DuetDisplay.

But phew. Finally got it working by booting into Safe Mode, clean uninstalling all the Nvidia stuff, then rebooting into normal windows and uninstalling DuetDisplay (because for some reason you can’t uninstall some things from Safe Mode). Then I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers and all was good.

Except not quite. Turns out Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the problem with slow wi-fi. Luckily in the months since I last tried a fix had been found with newer Realtek wi-fi chip drivers, which just took a download and install and fixed. Didn’t even have to reboot.

But jesus, I can’t imagine what a non tech-savvy person would do. Probably take it to Geek Squad and pay hundreds of dollars, or just throw the damn thing away and start from scratch.

I really like Windows 10 a lot, but that was crazy.


My personal feeling is that Win10 has some actual UX designers that have actual weight in the product, and that’s fantastic.

And Win10 also has waaaaaaaaaaay too many director-level biznass analysts and such who have way too much weight, because XYZ has to be a Revenue Source Moving Forward that Leverages the Existing Userbase.

At least Apple more or less says to the consumer, “Look. This all costs way too much, to a totally stupid extreme. Ha, ha, yeah, shut up. But that’s the deal. Give us the money, and we’ll take care of you.”

Whether or not Apple fulfills its side of the ‘bargain’ is a whole nother thing, but that’s the proposition to the consumer, and I absolutely see the appeal.


Interesting, does DuetDisplay require in install of iTunes?


No. It’s a stand-alone app on Windows and then an app on the iOS device. Very simple to make it work. I think it just makes the iPad act like a USB display.


DuetDisplay requires a special dongle, don’t it?


Interesting - I remember this app from a couple of years ago. Back then, they require a Lightning to Thunderbolt cable /dongle in order to achieve a lag free mirroring display. But it seems they are able to achieve this just on a normal Lightning and USB cable (the same one that you use to charge the iPad). This made it very convenient as you don’t have to carry extra cable.

How good an experience it is for Windows? Does it work well in a scenario of playing games in the main monitor while the iPad shows all the chat windows and system monitoring stuff (CPU temp, GPU temp, usage, framerates etc?)