Windows 10


Yes, this was how I was occasionally using it. I have a single ultra-widescreen monitor, so when I play games on it I could hook up an iPad and have other things there, like browsers, movies, etc. It worked flawlessly - 60Hz, though I set the resolution lower than native since it made everything look so small.


…took a gamble and reinstalled the latest DuetDisplay and everything appears to work! But boy, that was touch and go last night.


Bought DuetDisplay - lovin’ it. But somehow the resolution is fixed at 1024x768. I can’t change it bigger. Even then the screen looked small compare to the main monitor. Anyway, pretty happy with it!


If you left-click the tray icon in Windows 10 it should bring up a settings screen that lets you change the resolution. I have mine at 1536x1152 and it seems to be a nice happy medium.


OMG… I was RIGHT-clicking instead of left Clicking! I’m dumb!


Yeah, DuetDisplay’s Mac support is way more solid than its PC support. I’ve had to uninstall it it a few times from my PC when Nvidia’s updated their drivers and then try again after the DD people update their app. Never had a problem on my MacBook Pro with it.


Another fun problem with the Creator’s Update! Apparently I have to choose between having Bluetooth functionality or using iTunes. Luckily for me it’s an easy choice since I don’t have any bluetooth hardware, but really guys?

iTunes not starting after WIN 10 Creators Update


It says you can run iTunes as an administrator and it would work.

Still, I believe you can get iTunes on the windows store, and it should run.

Anyway, why run iTunes at all?


I have a USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle thingy and it works fine with iTunes and Windows Creator Update though.


Is there any point at which I should get concerned about the fact that I’m not having the Creators Update pushed on me? I mean, I’m in no particular rush, but a) if there’s some incompatibility in my hardware that’s preventing it I’d kind of like to know, as it may be affecting my existing build, and b) presumably at some point 1607 will actually be obsolete.


I think the question you need to ask yourself is, are you truly a creator worthy of an update?


There was one laptop at work (identical to another 14) that wouldn’t grab the update, although I approved it through WSUS and WSUS reported it was needed by that system. I downloaded it manually and attempted an install but it failed at some point and rolled back. I then disabled Symantec’s EndPoint Protection and retried and it went ahead without a hitch. Not sure why it wasn’t being offered to that laptop over any other (since they were all new) but it might have been the timing.

So, I’d recommend giving the download a try if you are eager for it. If it fails, that might give you more clues as to what’s holding it back.


Thought I’d check, but did anyone else notice that Win7 and 8.1 computers are being offered the Win10 upgrade again? It just popped up in WSUS for a set of computers still on the OSes at work. It’s the Creators Update that’s being offered so it’s a new push.


yeah I noticed two months ago that Win7/8 keys worked for a new install of 10.


My brand new 64GB exFAT-formatted flash drive (yeah, I got a new one. Don’t ask) was completely invisible to my Win10 PC on any USB port–didn’t even show up as a problematic item in Device Manager.

Reformatted it to NTFS via another (also Win10) PC and it shows up just fine on the first one now.

What gives??


But oddly, these systems were never offered the Win10 upgrade at any point in the past since the free update went away. Now they are. Something changed recently (and I mean within the last week) to allow that, no? I keep on top of the WSUS approval/declines that aren’t automated, so I would have caught this at any other time.


Sure, some component in your computers wasn’t compatible, and now it is.


Oh, are you saying that the free upgrade has always been available through Windows Update? I thought it was removed after the ‘free’ period was up and that the only way to get it was to download and install it manually. That’s why I was surprised to see it offered again. Or was it common knowledge that I missed that it had started to be offered through Windows Update again?


I didn’t catch that part of your post. I’m not aware of the Win10 upgrade being available through windows update anymore, no. Win7/8/8.1 keys still work, though.


Here’s a funny thing that happened quite often. Even though I have one of the latest PC now with a bad ass Samsung EVO m.2, but because Win 10 just love to do it’s own update when rebooting after a proper shutdown (and it seemed to be doing this quite often), I find myself waiting for around 30-40 second for the PC to boot, reminiscence of 15 years ago when I would be going to make coffee while Windows were booting. So, how are we being state of the art these days? :->