Windows 10


The vast majority of those apps are probably pretty shit and/or just a front-end for the web pages and ads.

The biggest issue here is that, people are adding “apps” to the Windows Store instead of letting it die off.

Microsoft probably doing like Blackberry tried with their failed app store on the awesome OS10, to focus on “Number of apps” instead of “Quality Apps”.


The issue is MS isn’t curating the store at all.


First sign of trouble. Press the power button, the computer doesn’t turn on, but the fan just go full on. Not sure if it is creators update or just the rig, it is kind of new. Turn it off and then back on, everything is normal. Will wait and see if it happens again.


If it does happen again, check for any hard drive activity.


You probably have a short somewhere, a trace on your motherboard is touching your case.


So I was just browsing through the new Windows 10 Security Center (at least, I think it’s new-it’s not something that I’ve seen before) and I see there’s something called “Fresh Start” which seems like basically a clean (almost) re-install of Windows. That seems great as it used to be you couldn’t do that unless your device came with a Windows DVD or some kind of special disk from the manufacturer. Has anyone given it a shot? My wife’s laptop, which is only about 4 or maybe 5 years old and should be able to handle Windows 10 fairly easily has been terribly slow since the original upgrade and I was dreading having to do a clean install as it’s a Japanese language OS. But maybe with Fresh Start it will be pretty straightforward.


I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, but Windows 10 does have an internal almost “nuke it from orbit” technique to “reset your PC” via the recovery options. It works fairly well to resolve many software-related issues. My guess is that they’ve gone to an app approach and call it Fresh Start.


@stusser @Dan_Theman thanks for the advice, will check it out.


Even hyper OCD me has used it successfully



Funny thing at work today, suddenly got a popup asking me if I wanted to recommend Windows 10 to others. My first notion was, wtf, isn’t this an Enterprise edition of Win10 that is managed, so why the hell are adverts popping up.

After filling out the questionnaire with the answer ‘1: absolutely unlikely’ I digged into the “privacy” settings and discovered that most likely all the clients in the company were set to ‘Full’ telemetry. Enjoy the data NSA/MS :)

Hopefully the company that managed the client-platform has blocked the siphoning of data/spyware in the network, but who knows. Got it set down to ‘security’ level on my client using local group policy editor at least.

Looking at the list of data gathered ( there is surely some useful information in there outside of “making sure that one Excel button gets moved”.


Full telemetry can even send the contents of your documents after a crash. That’s a huge problem if your business has it enabled.


Yeesh. We’re doing an “upgrade” over here in the near future, and I hope the appropriate people are aware.


Thanks for the info, I thought I had everything turned off in Win10 and a few Google searches revealed that I did not…


So the .NET 4.7 update (KB3186568) breaks DPI scaling. Cool. They say it will be fixed in 4.7.1. I the meantime, I guess, I’ll try to update these apps.

Edit - meh, updates were either not available or did not fix it.


Upgrading to the Creator’s Edition fixed the DPI scaling, but now my sound is fucked up. I installed the latest RealTek drivers and fucking with the RealTek equalizer gets it close to where it was before, but it’s still off.


I was already on Creator’s Edition, and got burned by not disabling Windows automated driver updates. Ugh. A couple of weeks ago I bought one of the new Creative Soundblaster cards. Putting aside whether it’s worth the money over integrated audio, everything was working fine. I had to use the SB software to toggle output between my speakers and my headphones.

One evening, poof, no audio from the speakers. Only headphones. SB software is also telling me I don’t have anything connected to the speaker port. Tried a ton of fixes including updating the SB software as a new version had just been released a few days earlier. No good. Anyway, I got as far as opening a ticket w SB thinking I’d have to RMA before it occurred to me, oh yeah… Windows 10. I checked driver versions, and yup, Win 10 had replaced it.

I uninstalled the card, disabled driver updates on Win 10 Pro via local policy, then reinstalled. Everything works fine now.

Automated driver updates are the freaking worst.


The worst to me is that often they actually downgrade your driver, because they don’t have the new drivers in the windows driver database they are working with. So you get in a cycle of upgrade/downgrade/upgrade because windows can’t leave your shit alone.


I mostly switched to using a USB solution for audio these days. I don’t have the patience to deal with whatever driver issues Microsoft and/or Realtek introduce. I wasted a weekend trying to get my headset microphone to work. Bought this $7 adapter and it works great.


I agree the default behavior is annoying, but unlike the telemetry, MS allows you to fix it. Just turn off automatic driver updates.


I did that, but one of the major updates reset it and broke my sound before I went to go on a conference call and discovered it.