Windows 10


Ahh. Yeah, that sucks.


I was particularly happy with a forced video driver update while I was playing a game. That was real damn special.


Finally allowed 1703 to go through on my laptop, though lately I haven’t been using it, but will be traveling, so its back on the menu.

OneNote (desktop version) immediately starts crashing on open. Cleared cache and settings, now it crashes when trying to use the Open Notebook menu. Joy.

EDIT: Works if I log out of OneDrive. Too bad my notebooks are on OneDrive now.

App version works at least.


I have 1703, desktop OneNote (1708), and note books stored on OneDrive (17.3.6998.0830). Never experienced crashes like you’re describing.


Edge for Android and iOS betas suddenly announced and released.

I hope that means they’re finally decoupling Edge from Windows 10’s schedule. MS is never going to make any progress on the browser front if major updates happen on a six-month schedule.


Bumping for the Fall Creator’s Update, which releases tomorrow.

Also, the new Fluent Design language has been appearing in some apps over the past few months, but MS begins the process of phasing it into Windows proper. This will be a lengthy process, so don’t expect to go to the final product in one step. Sounds like this will be phased in over the course of a year or longer.

More on Fluent Design

And more


No indication if they’ll stop you from simply activating Windows 10 with a Win7/8/8.1 key, as that currently works too.

Frankly, I doubt they’ll actually stop either one. Microsoft desperately wants you to run Windows 10.


I’ve been using it to upgrade some work systems with a USB drive, which runs much smoother than the Windows Update version that is still offered. I’m supposing they’re turning off the digital activations, leading people to need a key to activate?


The digital activations are when you upgrade from an older version of windows. Those were disabled last year. This article is about disabling the “assistive technology” free upgrade, which still worked. But you could just install win10 with no key at all, and then input any valid win7/8/8.1 key and that would work too.


I had no idea. Well, I blew $100 for no damn reason…


I just upgraded in place a shitbox running Windows 7 pro and it’s good to go. Never asked for a key and I never used any assist features. I also did a clean install over my 8.1 pc and just popped in my original w8 key and bingo.

Both are activated.


Yeah, I did the same a while back. It has continued to work long after they said it didn’t. No idea if this still works:


Yeah, they just disabled the webpage where you downloaded the upgrade media. You can still get the full media elsewhere and do it.


I got it from the windows upgrade tool page this last weekend.

Downloaded that and used it for the first machine and ran it again to make the USB stick for the second machine.


Okay, I could use some help here - I installed the Windows 10 fall update on my machine at work, before doing it on any others to test it.

Unfortunately, it has ruined the search function in office 2007 (I know, but thats a separate issue).

  1. Search is no longer as I type - I have to press enter to get the search email function to do anything
  2. Search is just showing the same result over and over, removing them, and showing them again
  3. Its become very very slow

I tried searching a bit, and I found a few others saying they have the same issues, but of course, the update being so new and all, its not much there is to be found.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how to approach something like this? I’ve tried looking in windows for indexing and searching, but that just shows me the same old index options, or cortana, which has basically no options for me, so I am kinda stumped here.

I’d really appreciate any input!


You can do a Windows Search for Recovery and roll back the update.


Office 2007 hit end-of-life last April. Recommend you upgrade; you’re missing out on security patches.


Yesterday I finished putting fresh Windows 10 on the rest of the family’s computers using their respective Windows 7 activation codes. Thanks for the pro-tip!




Applied the fall update a few days ago at home and on my PC at work. No major trouble so far, although I have no real use for the major new features. Also, it does seem to be the first major Win 10 update that does not re-add the Microsoft Store shortcut to my taskbar.