Windows 10


If Microsoft were to ask, the one new feature I’d like to see implemented in Windows 10 more than anything else is the ability to move/rename open files. You can do this on the Mac and it’s a wonderful thing.


Borderless windows? LOL, I remember this thing:


If/when you upgrade to the Spring Creators update, check your timeline settings if you’re concerned about the privacy implications:


Before that, update your 7-zip too:


I kinda like the borderless thing, compared to the current one pixel thing (though I agree about drop shadows). However, I so do wish the team that added the dark theme had coordinated with the Visual Studio Code team to do it right. Solid black isn’t what I really want in a dark theme :(


Why the hell would you NOT want a clear, consistent visual delineation between the app window and everything else?

This is another one of those aesthetics-over-usability decisions that has plagued Windows ever since Vista. Desktops have more resolution to play with than ever, yet these knuckleheads persist in trying to strip away borders, title bars, status bars, even scroll bars, as if there suddenly isn’t room for them anymore.


Fair point. That screenshot is very well constructed such that all the overlapping windows are delineated by virtue of being on top of other windows of different colors. Not so good when everything is the same shade of grey, or black on black. This ain’t no Johnny Cash OS.


What I would really want, is a feature that when you can’t delete / rename / whatever a file because it is in use, that it would tell me who the fuck is using it, and better yet, give me a choice to kill the offending application.


But what if the offending application… Is you?


Call it the Kevorkian option.


Touchscreen UI for everyone!


I just got a notice about Windows requiring an update. I don’t use Windows 10 much. Why is this notice not in the notification area? IIRC there is also an action center somewhere. How do I get to it?


(Action Center)


In my case, my employer locks down W10 somewhat, and so some updates don’t invoke the Windows Update icon in my Notification Area or in WUP settings. But MS/Windows still knows, and will bring it to my attention when I launch the Microsoft Store app

This takes me to

That UPDATE NOW button points to Windows10Upgrade28602.exe.


Sounds like a legit file name.
Also, why should you care how many other people have installed it?

What is Dolby Access, didn’t they stop making PC software? remember they had Dobly Axion (?) which was like ventrilo, only seemed a lot better.


Dolby Access is a software app that unlocks virtual surround sound codecs for playback.


Hey all, what the heck is Browser_broker.exe in the task manager details view?

Also, should I be concerned that when I noticed my PC wake from sleep spontaneously a couple of times, and used the “powercfg -devicequery wake_armed” command in an elevated cmd prompt, I found that one of the devices allowed to wake the machine is the Ethernet connection, even though I always have Wake on LAN disabled in the BIOS?


It’s part of Edge.


Windows Update broke my PC, stuck in boot loop. Yay.


So I noticed this - an update to the venerable Notepad so that’s its mildly more useful