Windows 10


Not discs, but they do offer a USB stick option.


I bought this with my recent build, made things super easy to install, I was told.


A cheaper alternative to buying the USB stick installer from MS would be to pick up a kinguin license (@stusser has linked to it a few times in this thread), and then create your own installation media (USB stick or DVD). Or skip the license purchase and use your own keys, if you already have them.


Yes, and windows 7/8/8.1 licenses still work to activate windows 10.


When I built my current rig, I struggled with the Win7 installation as it didn’t include the USB3 drivers, so thats a complication a bit of fiddling to sort out. (Just a heads up to anyone buying old Win versions…)

btw Once I finally managed to get Win7 installed, it complained that my processor was “too new” for it, so it forced my to upgrade to Win10.


I have Windows 10 installed on a virtual machine, but I still am hesitant to use it day-to-day. The ergonomics just aren’t there yet compared to Windows 7.


The only really annoying thing is the web search in the start menu. I am used to using start menu for directory/file names for example.

The googled method didn’t work, seems they removed the ability to do so. Gotta use the registry edit.


Windows native search always has been and continues to be the weirdest embarrassing failure of a feature. Use Everything or Listary, for goodness sake.


Well how do I link everything to my start menu key?



More good news.


I love Listary! Highly recommended.


Thanks, Windows 10.


Did you ask for that? Also, GoW 4 is 133 Gig?!


There apparently is a patch but it seems to be re-downloading whole game instead of applying differentially.


I’ve downloaded Forza Horizon 4 three or four times since buying it last month. I tried the free trial of their Game Pass, too, but I couldn’t even download Gears of War 4, because the Microsoft Store won’t let me install it to the drives on my computer that actually have the free space on them for a game that size.

The Microsoft Store is not great for gaming.


I had a list somewhere of all the shitty UI problems I had with MS Store maybe I should submit to Feedback Hub for MS to ignore.


Maybe if you use a sensationalist title like “WINDOWS STORE DELETED ALL MY FILES” they’ll read your feedback. Oh wait, yeah, probably not.



I did, foolishly, press the “Get updates” button of my own free will.


The update is now available to all, I believe. Via Win10 directly, not having to grab it via external means.


Wow yep, downloading now. Everyone cross all your appendages!

This is taking a very long time to install.

Success! I think. Everything is booted and nothing weird happened with my graphics or network drivers.