Windows 10


My policy is only install feature updates 3 months after it is in the wild. By then the kinks has been resolved, and stability has been proven.


Meanwhile I get a fancy new clipboard and clipping tool that I’ll be using while you luddites suffer with 1803. Suckers!


That new clipboard and your post totally convinced me. I will now risk my system stability and ditch 1803. Thank you good sir.


I don’t even have the option. I guess that means something is not up to date or something.


Dark mode File Explorer got my friend to clean install 1809.


Just did the update here. No problems.


Mine went last week.



I so with the Windows team would talk to the Visual Studio Code team to understand what we really want as a dark mode. (Hint: not pitch black)


There is a fancy new clipboard? Is that why Ditto started crashing randomly on me? Hrm, looks like it. Found a beta version of Ditto, hopefully it will fix the issue. I tried the built in version and while it’s better than nothing it suuuuucks compared to Ditto.


What is the advantage of creating a microsoft account? I was making a new user and after figuring out how to do it without creating a microsoft account, I was wondering if I was missing out on anything important by not having one.


You can sync your settings and such to their cloud, and get them on multiple devices. Also if you need to reactivate your hardware, if you login with the same account it will automatically activate. No real compelling reason to do it.


Windows key is tied to it and allows for password recovery if you get locked out of your own account.


LOL, what devices? They have a few PCs, laptops and… that’s it.


Yeah, if you have a computer at home and one at work, or whatever. They also have integrations with the Edge browser and Cortana on Android and iOS. I don’t use any of that.


Is it bad if my PC is installing 1803 and 1809 at the same time? Is Windows smart enough to not screw this up? I guess I’ll find out.


1809 isn’t even a choice for me which is kind of odd since everything in this computer is only a number of months old… if I am behind on some driver… don’t know what it is.


I read something about having to manually tell the computer to check for updates. It’s not automatic.

The update took about an hour with lots of restarts. My dog freaks out every time she hears the computer beep too. :(


My desktop took 1809 just fine, and it’s a frankenstein of different parts. My Surfacebook 2, however, lost all internet connection when I upgraded. It would connect to a network, but just wouldn’t see the internet. I took it to a Microsoft store and they reinstalled the update and it worked fine, but man, that was annoying. When a system update that Microsoft forces on you breaks your computer, you know we’re just not there yet.


So some windows update broke the policy that says don’t give me web search in my start/task bar search. Sometimes I really hate this stupid company.


Took Win10 (now on 1803) 7 days to break another external hard-drive (in an usb3.x dock), at least this time I had taken precautions to avoid it running chkdsk on bootup that would’ve messed things up even further…

First time (on 170x) it killed one after a few hours, so, making progress. (also external).

Edit: The tool I used the first time a HD was killed (DMDE) saved me again though, as it was able to just ‘rewrite’ the NTFS file index from the backup and the drive was back again. Then it was also safe to run checkdisk on it.