Wisdom and Aphorisms from President Trump: Great Leader, Great Teacher, Great Supreme Commander, Great Helmsman of our Nation


Here’s a question…

Why do the Rasmussen polls show Trump with a positive approval, while all others show a negative?

What is the specific, scientific source for this constant discrepancy? I’d like to see a detailed analysis, if anyone has it.


Not a full one, but the WaPo annotated transcripts are pretty good. I get the impression they are still working on it.

  1. Rasmussen is still landline (it uses something they call an online survey tool to capture non landlines, but do not call them.)
  2. Wording of questions in poll
  3. Sample weighting (Rasmussen weights Republicans higher than any other pollster, in defiance of demographic declarations.)



I don’t have a detailed breakdown, but it is an automated poll rather than live, which tends to lower its “trustability”.


Is there info available on this? I’d like to see the way they word stuff, and how they weight stuff, but can’t find any info for it.


From 2012, but I doubt they’ve changed much.


They’re just not very good. Based on their track record they’re only a C+ pollster.](https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/pollster-ratings/) (Linked page is from last August .)

Less scientific consensus from the Progressive blogosphere: they’re completely in the tank for the Republicans in non-Presidential years, then clean their acts up enough during Presidential elections when people are actually paying attention to keep their house bias from being too obvious.


After skimming through the WaPo transcript it doesn’t seem that bad as far as Trump goes, esp the initial statements.

All things considered I think we’re supposed to take this as a relatively reconciliatory from his part to the press? Maybe this is just a sign of my (now) low standards though.



That was some seriously crazy shit. Can you imagine a respectable President saying any of it? Asking a black reporter if she’s friends with the Black Caucus? Insulting a Jewish reporter about a question he didn’t even ask (and ignoring his actual question altogether?). That weird uranium and nuclear holocaust bit? Could go on and on…


You can take the survey here:


The survey (as-is) was used before during the election run. For whatever reason, Trump’s people sent it out again with this new eamil. I’m guessing to gauge his badass takedown of the liberal media during today’s briefing.



I love the slant.


Man I wanted a fill in the blank option for all of them that said ‘no, you lying orange faced shit gibbon’


I tried to fill it out… really I did. I just couldn’t get through all 30+ questions without wanting to throw my monitor through the window. What a terrible, bullshit spewing, propaganda filled “survey”.

I got several of these kinds of “surveys” via phone calls during the campaign. They would ask normal questions at first. Who do you support. Who is more trustworthy. Etc. Then they said “please listen to this recorded statement and let me know if it changes your opinion”. It was a 10 minute hate-filled spew, recorded by a local state senator, about what a terrible person Hillary Clinton was, how she can’t be trusted, how she is lying to the public, the media is propping her up, etc. I listened to the whole thing each time, in shock that this was being portrayed as a legitimate survey. It was bewildering. And obviously they worked, because look at who is sitting in the White House right now.


Yeah, same here. By the halfway point I wanted to throttle whomever wrote this.


Just in case you didn’t see it, here is the briefing (timestamped to the 1hr44min start spot) Trump gave:

Here’s a gif summary:


I literally lol’d at your summary


My favorite part of that survey, all the questions are labeled “1.”. Literally every single question is “1.”. And this presumably passed through some sort of proof-reading and quality control. These are the people running the White House right now.


Mine are numbered correctly. Using Chrome on Android.