WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony / Quake: Arcane Dimensions [Retro FPS]


I’m having a good amount of fun these last two days with this Total Conversion done with the GZDoom engine. It’s in fact standalone, you don’t need the original doom to play, it has its own .exe. For now they have released only the first episode, which have 7 missions.


It’s a mix of Quake 3d polygonal world with 2d sprites for weapons and enemies like Doom, with the theme of WW2 from Wolfenstein. It also uses ‘realistic’ music and sound effects (taken from other games like Medal of Honor, I think, lol) which gives it an interesting feel, a mix of retro and modern fps.

It feels so nice to come back to a FPS which is a bit hard, you have to take care of your health, explore the level properly, and have a good amount of action. Weapons have a very nice feeling, despite their simplicity.
That said, it isn’t perfect, there are some drawbacks, some of them that come precisely because the ‘old school’ experience. Because it’s hard you are going to quicksave a good amount… but there is no quicksave key, nor checkpoints. The game lack a bit too much of guidance of what a button does (it opens something usually) so you have to explore the level maybe too much times, getting stuck sometimes. Aesthetically, the game is too grey, it’s installations and bunkers and things like that, and it’s all grey, grey grey.


I played the first two missions. It’s pretty good but I have a lot of single player malaise right now so I started looking up how many levels it had (7, I think) and decided I didn’t want to continue.


I also have Arcane Dimensions 1.5 to play after this, so I’m in a retro trip.


Ok, I’m around half of Arcane Dimensions. It’s pretty good!

Download here https://t.co/1CkJb1LGMV

There are more new enemies than I believed at first, and they are well integrated in the Quake 1 repertoire. Some of them are designed for the ‘scifi’ theme, others for the ‘fantasy gothic’ theme, others for the Lovecraft theme.

Right now I’m in a map with 400 enemies! That’s a lot of Quake standards, I think the map has to be huge.


I finished Arcane Dimensions (which was very good!), next stop Ancient Aliens!

That means going from Quake to Doom, as it’s a Doom wad with 32 levels. It won one of the Cacowards 2016.

edit: oh yeah I forgot, it’s pretty damn hard so maybe play it at one difficulty level lower than usual.


Chapter 2 of WolfenDoom BoA has been released. It’s ‘only’ 6 missions but that’s misleading, as they are long as hell.


Early Christmas present in the form of 21 new maps for Arcane Dimensions!


Download here:


I forgot Quake had all that quality player made content. I should give some of it a try next time instead of automatically running to Steam to buy a new game.


I can’t recommend Arcane Dimensions enough. The modders removed all the hitscan weapons and enemies in favor of projectile-based combat, and coupled with the stunning level design it’s an absolute joy to play. I run with animation interpolation disabled and feels like the ultimate version of singleplayer Quake.


Arcade Dimensions is excellent, in fact my opinion of Doom 2016 was tempered by the fact I played AD that year, and it was in fact better.


I don’t know, I just can’t get on board with the idea of playing Quake again. I’m too lazy/busy to try, and nothing in that video excites me.


A lot of FPS have not aged well, graphically. But Quake STILL looks great after 20+ years, probably due to the use of light and shadow.


The combination of natural materials: stone, rusty metal, aged wood, all forming imposing architecture, feels pretty ageless to me.


Is there a way to turn left and right with the mouse that I’m missing?


Wait, what? What game or engine are you referring to?


Sorry, I meant Arcane Dimensions.


What engine are you using,then?

Check if there is an option to enable freelook.


I’m using Quakespasm. There is freelook but the left right movement is mapped to sidestep. I want is to turn instead. Can’t figure it out.


I have used Quakespam a pair of times without problems. In a few hours I will be at home and will try for myself.


Oh, wait, so you want it to be the other way round! to strafe with the mouse and turn with the keyboard!

Goddamn you are weird! :D

It’s still easy to do. Enable lookstrafe (ON) in options, and in custom controls, rebind turn left and turn right to A and D, supposing you want to use WASD.