Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The man in the high castle gets shooty


E3 announcement:

Action figure edition:

October 27, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC


I love your thread titles


Machinegames gives good Wolfenstein. I’m looking forward to this.

“It’s Wolfen steen!!”


Yeah, Machine Games really knows how to make you hate the Nazis. Even just in the trailer it was soooooo satisfied once the shooting started and the Nazis started getting gored in different ways.


New Order was great. I still need to play Old Blood although I guess maybe I don’t? But probably I do.


Ha! Me too. It starts off promisingly as you infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein, but I haven’t played it much past that. I got distracted by the release of Horizon 3 at the time.


New Blood is a marked step down from the main game.


I just played these recently. Old Blood is like two different games. First part is fun as it is more stealth and then shooting Nazis. Second Act is kindly slow. It turns into a zombie shooter but the zombies are slow and you can duel wield shotguns. Not much difficulty.


That is an awesome reveal trailer! I want to play that game. And I also want to see the movie. I know we have Man In The High Castle, but I want this too. Totally stoked.

That opening scene in particular looks fantastic.


Might be a bit spoilery. Don’t watch if you want to remain ignorant until launch.

BJ shooting Nazis and going through a level while in a wheelchair!


I did like that BJ seemed to be incapacitated in the first trailer for at least some time, and was wearing the super suit Caroline wore in New Order too. Kind of makes up for BJ just “getting better” after a decade spent comatose in that earlier game.


Ha, that’s exactly where I stalled out. The New Colossus looks amazingly batshit crazy awesome, though. Day 1 purchase.


Didn’t the main character die at the end of New Order?


You’d think so, but when the main character in question is BJ Blazkowicz, well … anyway, as I recall you see from his perspective as his vision is fading and then hear the approach of a helicopter. Presumably BJ was rescued, but probably in pretty bad shape having survived an up close and personal encounter with a grenade.


My goodness, I have a horrible memory of videogame stories.


That was my reaction at the end too. “There’s no way he lived”. But then I shrugged and said “well, of course he did, because why not? He’s BJ Blazkowicz”.


I was not aware until just today, that the game will have a season pass!


Do people on PC ever pay $60 for this big-ticket, current-generation, one-and-done shooters? I think I have a have a couple times in the past, and each time after I’ve finished said eye-candy shooter I’ve wanted to kick my own ass.

I’ve been a real bastard about paying full price for any game lately, though, come to think of it. Grey market FTW :(


I have 2 friends on steam who already have this pre-ordered. So there are some people who pay full price!

I myself haven’t even finished The Old Blood yet, so I am gonna hold off till the winter sale.


I always kind of laughed at the idea of preordering a downloadable game but here I am, having done just that for the new Life Is Strange game. I’m easy like Sunday morning.

Oh wait, this is a Wolfenstein thread, not another steam sale thread. Oh well, move along.

Edit: oh and looks like cdkeys is offering the PC version for $35.69. Not sure if that’s a legit site?