Wonder Woman 2017 - Beating Marvel to the punch


I didn’t get the reference in your title originally, though understanding it now I still like the new title better, if nothing else because it feels more inclusive.



I can’t wait to see the movie, I’m taking my girlfriend to see it this weekend.


Well known by whom… the comic book circles which many of us are not a part of? I had no idea of her origins nor do I care. Commence with your rant.


Ummm… then why are you posting in this thread?


Umm,… because it’s a mainstream movie and I am going to go see it. What makes you think that me going to see a movie somehow equates to wanting to know or caring about who the creator was and what excited him in the bedroom?

oh and this line i am stealing from below:


So this movie is only for those that know about the character’s creation? Does that mean people that want to see the Batman films should be aware of how the original writer was shut out of credit for creating the character?


Careful, you might get called a social justice warrior.

Going to see this with the family tomorrow. The trailers look like a lot of fun.


I mean, I kind of like the idea of being called some kind of warrior, that’s pretty sweet. I’ve always fancied myself more a Mage though. Can I be a Social Justice Mage?

I’m taking the family out - the wife and the daughter both want to watch this, so I’m grateful there won’t be any “Fifty Shades of Wonder Woman” going on. That would be pretty awkward.


How about Archwizard of Kickassery?


Yep, that’d do it. :)


Okay, so we’re all just supposed to magically know exactly where your care/don’t care threshold is regarding the character this movie is about, so as to avoid accidentally exposing you to any new information. Got it.

It’s not like this is irrelevant backroom trivia. The creator’s interests strongly influenced the series in its early years–

Soo… yeah.


…but likely have nothing to do with the film. On any level. And hence my personal desire to see the title of this thread change. It’s not because it offended me (it didn’t); it’s because it didn’t make any sense (outside of her famous whip). Sure, there ended up being backstory behind it I didn’t know about, and I apologize if I trampled on @Telefrog’s joke, but I still feel like the new thread title is better in every way.


What you are supposed to do, and there is no magic about it, is not assume that when comic book worlds and characters go mainstream that that means everyone who has or will see the movies has or is actually reading the comics or even cares about the comic book sphere you seem so passionate about. You seem to be incredibly angry about this, but let me point out through that red haze of yours, that I’ve not asked anyone to do anything. All I pointed out to you is that there are several of us who are not part of the comic book world, so making assumptions that we know what goes on there is a mistake. And people who don’t know about your niche hobby are not deficit in anyway.

Carry on.



several more


All stolen from some guy’s album on FB: https://www.facebook.com/randy.pinion/timeline?query=warrior


Which was precisely the point I tried to make about some of Telefrog’s pithy thread titles in general. Allow me to digress for a moment. Another example was the Destiny 2 thread (I actually asked what the thread title was supposed to mean). People who had played the first game probably got the context, and for them, it might have been funny. However, as someone that hadn’t played the first game, it just seemed stupid. Given that Destiny 2 is appearing on platforms that the first game did not, the thread title was particularly unhelpful.

Coming back on topic. The origin of the character is an interesting piece of history, if nothing else. However, it has very little if anything to do with this movie, and, like the Destiny thread, made little sense to those of us that aren’t as deeply immersed in comic lore. Calling out such an esoteric bit of lore in the thread title was…odd.


I just want to know if she has an invisible jet in this movie.



How DARE you bring pugs into this?


@Telefrog never change your weird titling ways. I love you man.


Can I just say that I love you all, don’t ever change. :P