Word Filters for Qt3

I was reading some posts, as I occasionally do, and some annoying… habits of newer forum denizens have begun to chafe.

So, I suggest Qt3 implements word filters. And I do believe, my first suggestion of word filter would be:

“lol” should become “I do find that quite hilarious.”

What are your suggestions?


Fark no, that’s a farking stupid idea, you dumb motherfarker.


Is there something that can filter out the old people complaining about the new people?

I would like a filter that removes bitterness from posts. Because I’m a supertaster.

Please don’t impose your ridiculous Something Awful tendencies on this board, thanks.

I’d like to see “QTE” filtered to “simple reflex test that a half-dead monkey could pass.”

I’d like for “Star Wars” to be replaced by “FSW”

I am pretty tire of QFT and QFMFT. Generally, it is implicit in the words that come after that, that you whole-heartedly agree with whatever you quote. How 'bout substituting “Here, Here” or “Good show”

“Hear, hear.”


Lacey: The suspension on my car is trashed. I just ran over a pothole.
Wanda: Do you mean “a” pothole or “the” pothole?
Lacey: Okay, you know what? You really gotta knock off the article stuff.
Oscar: Hear, hear.
Lacey: Did you just say, “hear, hear?”
Brent: Actually you know, since the town only has one, Wanda’s use of the article “the,” while a tad pretentious, is justified.
Wanda: Using the word “tad,” that’s not pretentious?
Oscar: Hear, hear.
Brent: Do you and mom have the Parliamentary Channel now, or…
Lacey: Wait. So Dog River only has one pothole and nobody’s bothered to fill it in?
Oscar: Fill in a landmark? Are you crazy?

I agree with banning anyone that uses “lol”

The entire contents of any post made by Draikin, Naeblis or Zylon to be replaced with ‘I heartily agree with everyone who has posted so far!’

I’d like my title changed to “fully dead monkey” then, since I often fail at QTEs.

And then I want every post by Dirt replaced by:
This message is hidden because Dirt is on your ignore list.

… hey, that was quick!

Replace “piracy” with “THAT’S IT SHOW’S OVER ABANDON THREAD.”

LOL can be ‘Damn Comedians.’

But you just…oh, that blew my mind!