Wordle: Everyone is Suddenly Playing It

I did exactly the same

Haha. Yeah. See that in yours now. Great minds thing alike.

They’re “curated” in the sense that the developer has a vetted list of all the words that are going to be wordled. And if you guess something that’s not on that list, you’ll get a response like “that’s not a word.” And it won’t count as a guess.

So if your guess counted as a guess, it’s on that list and either has been or will one day be the right answer. And that day very well could have been today.

Let me rephrase: how do you do it on mobile? And why the hell can’t we just use tags?

You can!

If you put the word spoiler contained in square brackets with /spoiler at the end of the sentence, also in square brackets, it will spoiler the text in between!

[spoiler]Put your text here[/spoiler]

Yeah, I mean are the solutions themselves curated, or just pulled randomly from whatever word dictionary they are using? Or perhaps we don’t know.

That would affect the likelihood of something like Tanky being a solution.

We know! There are 2500 Wordle words.

“So he created another game for Ms. Shah: This time, she would sort through those 12,000 or so words, designating whether or not she knew them. That narrowed down the list of Wordle words to about 2,500, which should last for a few years. (Already, a few words have riled up the fans: Some were upset by REBUS and TAPIR, saying they were not familiar enough.)”

rebus was very dumb.

Tapir was the only time I guessed right on the first try.

Oops, I’m wrong. Some words are valid guesses but will never be Wordle words. What are those words? For now, we just know “farts” is one.

“(Distressingly, Kubaryk says that his examination of Wordle’s source code revealed that the game has a list of words that it will count as valid guesses but which will never be solutions—a list that includes FARTS.)”

Hmm. Bummer. Farts would be a solid first guess.

Absurdle is a Wordle that cheats and tries to narrow its options as little as possible with each guess.

It’s deterministic, so the exact same guesses will always give you the same game.

I find that with “Random initial guess” I can still almost always get it in 6 tries or less, but it gives you unlimited. It tends to run towards choices with lots of repeated letters.

Sample game, with ERASE the initial random guess.


Absurdle is adversarial with one-plie lookahead. If it had multi-plie lookahead to keep you from getting to a single choice as long as possible, assuming you’d make the optimal guess at each turn, it might be more interesting.

I think @WhollySchmidt posted Evil Wordle upthread, which is the same idea:


Using your same starting words there I get:

Wordle 210 3/6*


I was so sure about my second guess… this one is to you @John_Many_Jars

Tulip Penis Panic

Wordle 209 5/6


Not my best day.


Hey, I just discovered this game yesterday through FB. It’s like Mastermind! And it’s interesting how easy it is to get it in 3 or 4 if you really force yourself not to contradict what you know. It gets hard to even think of a word, and whatever word you come up with turns out to be it.

That quote from the article is so 2022 really. Instead of “cool, I learned a new word today” the response is “not fair, I’ve never heard of that stupid word!”

There’s also this kind of reaction

Somebody needs a hug.