Wordle: Everyone is Suddenly Playing It

Yeah, it took a long time. It helped that knowing the middle letter, there were only so many letter combinations for the letters I had left. I had been searching for a word that used double O so it wasn’t until the end it turned out to be double L.

Wordle 219 5/6*


Thane groin knows knock knoll - oof. For guess four I could see two words, and chose what I thought was the more likely. Wrong!

Are there really words more likely than others? I know there are 2500 words, but any word can be in that list, no?

That sounds like something from Lord of the Rings.

I think I read that the 2500 possible answers were chosen by the programmer’s girlfriend as ones she knew - so I’m assuming the more common a word is, the more likely it is to be there.

Hang on, found a quote from the NYT:

While Ms. Shah was the lucky recipient of the first game, she has played a key role in getting it ready for the public, Mr. Wardle said. An initial list of all of the five-letter words in the English language — about 12,000 — contained a lot of obscure words that would have been near impossible to guess.

So he created another game for Ms. Shah: This time, she would sort through those 12,000 or so words, designating whether or not she knew them. That narrowed down the list of Wordle words to about 2,500, which should last for a few years.

Wordle 219 5/6


stare ouija honey knock knoll

I didn’t think I was going to get this one, then I got lucky.

I think we need more information about Ms. Shah. Is she a native english speaker or not. Some people here are already groaning about simple words like mince.

What’s wrong with mince?

I don’t see anyone groaning about it, I just thought it was unlikely to be common enough to pop up as an answer (and recall - it was not the answer that day). That said, considering some of the other choices, I’ve reconsidered that position. What is sufficiently “common” to make the word list is definitely hard to suss out if “rebus” makes the cut.

Mince isn’t common in American English, but I would think most adults would know of it. The “rarest” word all week is likely today’s which I’m pretty sure the only reference I’m aware of it being used casually is via the ‘grassy knoll’ - ala JFK, which I would still think most adults over 30 have at least heard, but probably rarer and rarer as the generations go.

Yeah, I was definitely surprised by today’s. I share @newbrof’s interest in Ms. Shah’s background and vocabulary.

Who like me tried gnoll before knoll? /nerd4life

Fortunately not an accepted word as it was my last guess.

My thought on Mince was the proliferation of cooking shows over the last two or more decades. I get that say, a mince pie is more or less unknown, but the verb Mince I would have thought would be pretty darned common.

Yup. All I had were the N and the O, but so many letters ruled out. I was struggling!

I thought about it but talked myself out of it. :)

I tried gnoll on my third guess, and somehow I got confused and thought that was the correct spelling of the actual solution knoll so I didn’t try the solution until guess five when process of elimination made me reconsider. Felt really dumb!

I briefly tried gnoll too, but i also got some help from Marvel as I knew Knull wouldn’t work, but that led me to the actual word.

This one taught me something about the Wordless rules. Tough one.

Wordle 219 4/6


back on track
Wordle 220 4/6*


Wordle 220 4/6*



Weirdly hard for such a common word, although I’d never quite appreciated how unusually constructed “sugar” really is. There are not a lot of five letter words out there that end in “ar.”