World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Ok, @charmtrap this is for you.

Nazjatar is a hot mess. It’s clearly designed for flight, so until you unlock flight travelling is a nightmare of trying to get from point A to point B. Phasing is terrible, the worst ever seen in WoW. Not only do you experience the clicky disappearing as you approach it, you also get the “Surprise! You’re now surrounded by Naga” phasing. The mob density is insane in many areas. You will die.

Some of the daily quests are terrible and you will not do them.

Mechagon is much better than Nazjatar and feels like it was developed by a different team. It does not have world quests, however, so leveling up Rustbolt Rebellion faction is slower.

If someone calls out a rare spawn on either island, you better be super close or you will not get it, at least without flight. Bonus - both islands have daily quests that require killing three rares.

The Azerite system is improved… but it’s still a giant shit-sandwich compared the delicious but messy burger that was Legion’s artifact and Legendary systems. You still need to grind AP. That’s fun, right…?

Completing all quests and WQs on each island will run you 3-4 hours each day, depending how shitty some of those quests are. That’s significant.

All the classes still suck and are unrewarding to play. There is one ideal talent configuration and any deviation is a DPS / HPS loss. As a frost mage main I am sooo sick and tired of running Bone Chilling and Glacial Spike, but every other talent combination is a DPS loss. I loved Lonely Winter + Thermal Void in Legion.

I’m not going to take the time to refute it point by point, because you are a never-WoW’er, but I will say that most of your points above are just plain false.

Specifically, I completed all the Nazjatar and Mechagon dailis in 1 hours this morning at reset. I have also not died once since 8.2 launched. And I’m more than halfway through Honored rep with both factions and will have flying in another 4-5 days.

Also, Mechagon does have world quests. Just not many.

There are some terrible quests still. Skip them. No big deal.

I haven’t had a single phasing problem. And I play on Stormrage, which is one of the most populated servers in the US.

I am also on Stormrage, although I started 8.2 on my Horde toon on AD. We should hook up!

Yeah, find me online. I’m Mennzo, alliance.

That is amazing.

I took this as a challenge, focused-up, and tried to replicate it. I pushed as hard as I could, and… Finished Nazjatar in 1:05. Which itself was amazing. Then I went to Mechagon. And even with the free Gravity Pack today (which was an incredible help) and way fewer quests it still took me an hour to complete Mechagon. The three rares alone blew 15 minutes.

And I even gave up on the bullshit “contribute to projects” quest.

So clearly not 3-4 hours every day. And once we get flying it’ll be even faster.

PS - I do agree that Nazjatar is a pain, and will probably be less so when we get flying. But I just stay focused on finishing the quests and not hunting rares there. Whereas in Mechagon with the jetpack you can get around to the rares more easily and I only have three left that I need to kill.

PPS - if you started in Mechagon today you could have gone and hoovered up tons of fish and made the food that’s a daily quest in Nazjatar. I made 20k on that at the same time as I did my rounds.

After unlocking Naz on both factions, holy cow did the Horde get jobbed on cities. The horde home base on Naz is a cave. Alliance got a nice ruin at least.

I just noticed that Blizzard gave me a gift today:

“The Tides Have Changed! Dive right in with 3 Days of Free Game Time. Expires July 28, 2019.”

  • Blizzard

Hey nice, got one too. I’ll use it after I get back from vacation.

Got one too. It’s a trap!

I got it as well. Decided to fire it up, and now I’m faced with configuring my mods again.

I will be playing classic soon. But I note I still have a sub so…

I spent a little bit playing with the free time, and I was pretty annoyed that my Azure Water Strider that I went back to get from Pandaria at the beginning of BFA was no longer walking on water. That was enough to make me want to jump right back out. Next time I jump in I will have to figure out the new mount equipment slot.

There was a lot of grinding to get that AWS, and to have one removed without any real notice is a pisser.

But from what I read online, there should be a water walking mount charm in your mailbox if you had one.

Yes, this! The point is that every mount can walk on water now. There are plenty of reasons to hate BfA, but this isn’t one of them.

Now, the fact that every herbalist still has to use that fugly goblin-shredder mount that I can never remember the name of? That is a good reason to hate on BfA. That key mount ability was not added as a mount trinket thingy.

I had this issue with my level 90 warlock. My 120 characters all got the new water walking equipment in the mail when the expansion dropped but apparently toons that are less than level 100 don’t get anything. What I had to do to get my water strider working again was visit Pat Nagle in Pandaria and buy the missing item from him for 50g. Once I equipped it, all was well.

Just another really odd decision from Blizz.

Hah, yeah, that sounds like a totally pointless dick thing for Blizz to do.

I still haven’t unlocked flying. I am trying to minimize my play time for maximum results. I generally just to the emissary when it is up, and a few times a week do the Mech daily.

The current state of BFA doesn’t affect my play time, but I feel like there is a huge faction shift coming and that is affecting my play more than anything. I am not a fan of the horde style, but my BELF has the fishing items etc. If I could make her alliance without a faction change I would.

I unlocked flying, took a short break, then slowly reached exalted with both new factions and now… I have zero desire to log in, and haven’t in over a week.

I was levelling an alt with flying, which was kind of fun… but kinda boring too. Lost interest.

I’d love to do Mechagon, but, it’s too hard to pug and all my friends have quit so I don’t have a group that I run with.

Right now Classic is the only thing keeping my sub open.

That’s been my pattern with the last few expansions. I level to cap and then set a few goals, and once I hit the goals I lose interest in playing.

I haven’t even purchased the latest expansion. I probably won’t until I see it on sale.