World War Z - Saber Interactive, zombie piles

Has this ever had a sale yet? Does the Epic store even have a wishlist / sale notification feature??

On sale for $20 until Nov 1.

No one in my group of RL gamers could find any reason to keep playing this and they were avid L4D and Pay Day 2 players.

Yeah its missing that L4D magic, I played all the WWZ campaigns so far and they are just ok.

Update 6

Finally gonna pick this up. It’s $15 with the winter sale right now, plus they’re offering a $10 off coupon for any purchase of at least $15. So…$5 seems decent I guess?

Hmmm yeah it’s not quite grabbing me. Special zombies seem exceedingly rare and it never felt like we were in danger. Also it might just be my crappy graphics card and low settings, but none of the swarm effects really wowed me.

The one thing I could see being interesting is playing around with different loadouts and all the different toys…except I can’t because I have to slowly unlock everything. I just don’t have time for that, game companies.

(also trying to have L4D banter without Erik Wolpow writing)

Free this week over on the EGS.

Yeah, don’t sleep on this. WWZ is a very good game

@KristiGaines get it so we can coop

Has PC / Xbox and now PS4 cross play too!

Do Xbox and PS4 need the paid Plus/Live subs?

Yes, they would.

I started to play this. While it’s mildly entertaining, it’s a really simple and basic horde coop TPS. Very hold M1 and reload while shooting at the horde.

I tried it with a friend when it was free on the Epic store and neither of us were impressed. We both have a ridiculous amount of hours in L4D2 and found WWZ worse in every way.

In particular, I’m not a fan of the grind to upgrade weapons for higher difficulties and it has none of the charm Valve injected into L4D through the characters and music. The gameplay is also nowhere near as exciting or refined.

…and uninstalled.


-Good graphics
-Very good performance
-Well done set pieces, epic hordes
-Putting a few traps and turrets for the defense points is cool


-Simplistic weapons, very generic and spammy gunplay. Third person doesn’t help, either.
-Forgettable one-button melee system.
-Little emphasis on ammo management, as the ammo boxes are very common.
-Related to the previous point, samey weapons, there isn’t a lot of difference between some weapons
-Very ‘unspecial’ special zombies. They don’t really change a lot how you execute your fights, they are barely normal zombies with a perk. For some reason they limited themselves to the WWZ lore where all zombies are normal humans, so there isn’t anything imaginative here.
-There are classes unlike L4D. But they are barely worth mentioning, they also feel very samey in how play them which makes you think why they even put so many, and lots of passive perks you unlock are filler, like ‘have x as starting weapon’.
-Simplistic revive system, people just spawn after x seconds after dying, instead of having to rescure them in some points.
-Overall all missions are kind of the same shit, not a lot of replayability in the coop, beyond trying the pvp or other modes.

There’s very little difference between the classes until you go through those ungodly grind unlocking for all of them.

Can developers please just stop with the unlocking grind bullshit? It’s been a bummer recent trend with so many commercial titles requiring a F2P level of grinding just to unlock full functionality in a game. World War Z, Vermintide 2, both Battlefleet Gothic games.

I really should have read the thread before suggesting we play this with my co-op buddies. For some reason I had the impression that this was a well-regarded game. What a waste of a Friday night. We made it three missions in before nobody had the will to continue further. Everything about the gameplay felt awful and janky, and the huge liquid simulation zombie hordes did not feel particularly impressive nor make for good gameplay.

One of us forgot that the whole reason we were playing this was due to it being a freebie a while ago, and there was some glitch in Epic Games Store that made it look like they didn’t own it when looked at through the store page, so they got all the way to having the credit card denied when buying it. Thankfully at that point we intervened, and the game did show up in the library. Would have been kind of funny if they’d ended up paying actual money for this turd

I played every mission at least one time, and haven’t been back since.

Probably because the characters you play as have zero personality and no interaction between them.

Its just not as good as I recall L4D2 being. Which is still a great game!

Pretty much. There’s also no personality to the zombies. I think I spotted one or two special zombies for all of the 3 missions I tried. Couldn’t tell anything different they did other than take more damage.

I could see it maybe getting more interesting if you had the entire arsenal of each class, but no way was I going to put in the grind to unlock it all.

Can we please do away with all the unlock bullshit? It feels like a F2P economy. Battlefleet Gothic was another example that made me quit right away.