WoW Add a Forum for it?

I think it would benefit all concerned. A separate forum would foster more topics and discussion for those who are playing, or interested in it, and it would also spare those who dont give a shit about it from having to see yet another WoW topic in the games forum.


Eh, just wait another month, I’m sure the threads will all die down.


I mean, people bitched about freaking Planetside having too many threads. How many Planetside threads have you seen lately?

This is the point at which someone typically suggests that we could make an MMO forum instead of just a specific-MMO forum, and then somebody else says about how it isn’t that many threads, and the Entity just sort of ignores the whole thing, because frankly another forum isn’t going to get made just for MMOing. How many threads would even be in it? Eight? Ten? There’s only so much discussion that rational people can devote to nerfs, buffs, and twinks.

Yup, I remember the same proposal for Dom2 once, and that’s hardly clogging up the boards nowadays. WoW is currently the big thing in gaming, and the light 1st quarter release schedule means no next-big-thing has pushed it out yet. I don’t mind a gaming forum reflecting what a large proportion of gamers are playing.

Alternatively, y’all could just stop talking about other, lesser games.

No. If we lived through all the Doom 3 threads, WoW isn’t going to make us break a sweat.

There’s only so many WoW threads that can be made. I’m sure it’ll die down to the occasional one when a patch gets released.

There were Doom 3 threads? That’s weird, because i didn’t see any…

[size=1]Sorry, it was irresistable![/size]

Add a whole forum for one damned game? That’s discrimination, I tell you. If you add a WoW forum, you’ll also have to add a Jumpgate forum too! Sure, I’ll be the only one posting, but it’ll be fair, damnit.

It will die down. Maybe someday web boards will have filtering like Usenet did; until then, deal with it like I did with Half-Life 2…

Why not just add a FOTM forum? Tom can announce what the current FOTM game is and you guys can all go into that forum to talk about it. The current one would obviously be WoW, Preivous ones would be Half Life 2, Doom 3, Planetside, Painkiller, etc etc.

Being an MMO it has more staying power than say a FPS like HL2. Also, I’ve never seen this many threads for any other game here. I do think we need either an MMO forum or a WoW forum. I got to say the amount of WoW threads has reduced the appeal of this board for me personally, as they are burying most other game conversations.

Aside, is it “an” or “a” MMO?

Substitute Dom2 for Planetside … same result.

Or HalfLife2, Steam, etc.

It’ll cycle out soon enough.

And the second Flavor of the Month can go there as well. And then the discussions will spiral out to related games, like Irth Online, which is clearly related to WoW; and related topics, like E3 and the lack of hardcoreness thereof; and new games coming out that people can play. And we can call that forum “Games”.

Oh, wait. We already did that. Three years ago.

I’ve never seen as many posts for any game as Dom2 had, though. First it had a bunch of ordinary FOTM threads. Then finally all the players converged on one thread (which started out as a beg for after-action reports) and it eventually reached over a thousand posts.

We don’t need another section, we just need people to quit making so many fuckin’ topics. While the majority usually go off in their own direction, a decent number could’ve easily been replies to existing topics. I know this is dreadfully unfathomable for some people as i’m sure there’s a natural desire to start a unique conversation about something everyone’s already talking about in the first place, but seriously.

Sure, I’ll be the only one posting, but it’ll be fair, damnit.

You mean our little US/Euro Jumpgate love in is off?

(and I even re-subscribed)

Can we add a forum where people can request new forums and complain about the number of WoW threads instead of just starting/contributing to threads about games they’re currently playing?

Does this qualify as a WoW thread?

‘An’ because ‘M’ is pronounced ‘Em’. Now is it a hotel or an hotel? :)