Wow, Firefox is really good (again) these days

I switched back to Firefox after using Chrome for the last 5+ years but recently it’s gotten slower and bloated. Firefox has 99% of the plugins/extensions from Chrome (with the exception of The Great Suspender but there’s one that’s close) and has a container addon to separate FB and its multithreaded performance is better.

Count me pleasantly surprised.

Yeah I switched from Chrome as well maybe about a year ago and had the same reaction. Still really happy with it too.

It handles PDFs in-browser faster than Chrome is something new I noticed.

It’s had it’s ups and downs but I’m pleased to see it back on form. Good thing, too, since from my perspective (with maybe the exception of Opera) there’s nowhere to switch to.

Everything is Chromium based with the exception of Firefox.

Haven’t tried firefox lately, but changed over from Chrome to Brave about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. Brave runs the Moizilla engine I believe, but still chromium based. Runs a heck of a lot faster than chrome though.

Brave runs on Chromium, which is based on Chrome as per the name. Mozilla Firefox runs Gecko.

The Brave engine is Blink, but you’re right it is still Chromium.

As a reminder to anybody using Firefox:

Friday, January 10, 2020, 07:10 am PT (10:10 am ET)

A recent release of Firefox had a bug severe enough, that the US government is telling everyone to update to guarantee online safety.

Mozilla has issued an update to its Firefox browser that fixes a critical security issue that could allow attackers to take control of affected computers.

For some reason video autoplay blocking works in Firefox but not Chrome. That’s a pretty good reason alone for me to have switched.

Which has caused me to sit there for up to 30 seconds waiting for videos to auto-start that I want to auto-start, since I always forget.

Why can’t Firefox read my mind yet?

Also amazed that Firefox keeps my pinned tabs. Chrome keeps losing them whenever an app loads a HTM file.

Little touches like I can’t accidentally close my pinned tabs with Ctl-W like I can do in Chrome.

Woah, CTRL+W. I usually close tabs with CTRL+F4. Less effort for my left hand, thanks.

Discovered you can block videos from autoplaying entirely instead of just muting them.

This is great.

Can Firefox sync bookmarks between multiple browsers/computers? It’s the main reason I still use Chrome.

Yes with their Firefox Sync account

Discovered by accident you can take a screenshot via the … at the end of the URL/location bar and it can capture a whole page w/o manually stitching.

Or via ctl-shift-s

Amazing find. Thanks for sharing.

One gripe I have with Firefox is that collections on Firefox Preview (for Android) do not synchronise to my desktop Firefox. I recently flashed my phone with a new ROM and lost a bunch of my collections.