WoW - The Free 10-Day Trial Invite Thread

Sooo… if anyone wants an invite to WoW for 10 days they can request right here and anyone else who has a spare invite for 10 days can hook them up! Basically the thread idea is like the Gmail invite threads but this is for WoW 10 day trials.

What are you getting out of giving someone you don’t know a free trial? Well, if you don’t have any friends who would like to play the game or aren’t already in it, then having your invite sitting around collecting dust means you won’t have any possibility of that free 30 days of WoW if someone decides to buy the game.

If you are already planning on trying out the game please let someone get the free 30 day credit! It’s good karma! And they will give you phat lewtz (gold, etc) if you play with them probably!

Moonrunner is the official IRC #qt3 server, the guild is called Drop Bears. We are Alliance side. Please join us for some casual fun!

Let me know if you are interested in getting a key from me, or if you have a key to give please post or PM someone who asks for one.

I demand that trial key, Kunikos!

while i haven’t yet received my freebie to give out yet, does it say how they are supposed to acquire the WoW installation stuff at all?

As a reminder, you will need access to WoW game discs to install the game in order to take advantage of the trial. At least that’s what my email said.

I’d love it if someone would let me try this game.

I’ve got a 10 day trial key to give away if anyone wants it. They can PM me. As noted above, one needs access to the install discs and then one will also have to do a lot of patching I presume.

edit: trial key’s been claimed.

relevant downloading type links: - iso’s of the install discs. - links within this qt3 thread for the current patch (you need the full 1.8 patch)

edit: of note, like previous trials, you will still need to purchase the game (retail, mail order) to be able to play beyond the trial period. game cards will not extend trials.

To Ragnar’s misfortune I assume that Blizzard’s policy of not accepting European customers on their US servers is still in effect? Meaning that you can’t register a US account without a US/Aussie credit card.

Also, if you’re just starting out and want to play with QT3ers that are closer to your level, there’s a mostly-qt3 guild on the Moonrunner server Alliance side called Drop Bears.

Most of the guild is under lvl 30. I have the highest level character at 46.

They are really bizarre about not wanting to do straight digital downloads. I got a free trial from CGW, but after the trial instead of being able to just say - “Yes, charge my card I am going to keep playing”, i had to go to the store and buy a copy and install that over the trial and signup and then connect to my account.

With their market dominance and this being an acceptable practice with mmogs, why won’t they take the leap?


I would imagine that it’s probably something in their publishing deal… The others that do that seemed to only start it after they started to wane.

you don’t actually have to do that part. all you should have to do is go to your account page on their site and put in a retail key.

aside from that, yes, it is bizarre that they’re doing it the way they are, and ignoring the direct off-the-web sale. i guess they really want to move those WoW retail boxes, huh?

Because they want you to go out and spend the 30 to 50 on the boxed version of the game. They don’t want to screw them selves out of that money.

it’s been pointed out before, and it’ll be pointed out again: if they charged $30 for: a download of the game, a pdf of the manual, a retail key, the “one month free”, but no retail box, then there’s no loss to them at all. they wouldn’t be out the costs of cd duplication, manual/box printing, packaging, etc. how much of that $30 retail box sale do they actually see, once all those other costs get figured in? they make less that route than they would selling a download directly.

still, they don’t do it.

I would have no issue paying for the download, but offer it to me. You make it so I don’t have to go to the store to try your game, you take a credit card from me, yet you make me have to go to the store to buy a key? It just isn’t customer friendly.


check your private messages on the forum, i sent it to you

By the way the reason why there is no digital payment download option is because it’s published by Vivendi which has agreements with retailers not to compete against them… remember the whole Steam debacle?

FYI $29.90 WoW at Fry’s and GoGamer, I hope there will be more similar sales elsewhere. Someone else said Target, but I’m not sure about that one.

I would like a trial key, if someone has one. E-mail me at malderi at gmail dot com. Thanks!


That was not what the “steam debacle” was… and Vivendi owns Blizzard, but not to get into that, it is a seperate issue.

Vivendi currently has a store, just no digital downloads. Not much of a stretch from online store to if not letting me download the game, at least let me activate my trial account to a full account online.